The All You Want System
4 Chapter 04
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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4 Chapter 04

His mother scanned his whole body with her QI and she was shocked. She found out that his son's body could cultivate and that his meridians were repaired. And she was surprised that his body could absorb her energy, then normally when a cultivator had assimilated QI in his body, nobody can absorb it from their body like it were their owns. She looked Haytam and asked:" Haytam, why can you cultivate after being 2 weeks sleeping?"

Haytam looked at her and said: "Mom, I found a spiritual plant 2 weeks before and after I ate it, I lost consciousness and I woke up a moments earlier, so I don`t know what happend to my body.". Haytam regret to lie his mother, but he can`t say the truth.

"I go now to your father and say the good news to your him, he will be very happy, he wanted you to cultivate since you was born" , said his mother with a happy smile and went running so fast, that Haytam couldn't even see when she move.

Haytam had a moment to relax, so he asked the system;" System, how long did I sleep and how was my transformation?"

The system rapidly replied:

= Master, you slept the last 2 weeks, so I had the time to transform your body to the limit. You are officially the most talented / genius living being ever seen. Your cultivation speed is so fast that it can't be described, even I thin I have exaggerated this time=

Haytam was speechless again, he thought this system was broke. Haytam said than to the system: " How can you be like that, the other systems can knee down and call you ancestor", he was really happy, then never in his mind he thought that he will be so lucky.

Haytam said sincerely to the system. " System I`m very happy to have you with me, I hope you stay with me until the end."

The system didn't responded directly, but than he said: =Thank you master, I was created for you and nobody can separate us, it doesn't matter what.=

Haytam was very thankful to the system, he wouldn't be nothing in this world without the system. His parents can not protect him every time and he can`t cultivate to protect himself.

Haytam thought what he should cultivate and how he should cultivate, then he wanted to be free and have a journey through this world and dominate everything on his way. He did not want to choose for himself, so he asked the system: "System what should I cultivate, I`m not sure which path I should choose."

The system respond with his cold voice: = Master you can cultivate automatically if you want, you can cultivate by killing monsters and humans and leveling and you can cultivate normally like every cultivator by meditate and absorbing the QI in the air.=

Haytam was thinking of what way is better for him to cultivate, he wanted to be stronger in a short time and by meditating and absorbing the QI is very slowly, but he was too lazy for hunting monster in dangerous mountain ranges.

After a long time he thought it`s better to cultivate automatically, he wouldn't need to think about cultivating, but he will become stronger every second.

"System, I want to cultivate automatically"

The System confirms :=Ok, master. Do you want to cultivate both paths or only one?=

Haytam directly responds:" Both paths, if I cultivate both I will be the strongest man ever!", Haytam was very content of this, then which cultivator didn't wanted to cultivate automatically and almost been an Inner and Physical cultivator.

"System, start to cultivate!"

=Yes, master=
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With this little confirmation an eternal legend was born, a legend that when everyone who hears his name, they will knee down and respect him from the bottom of their hearts.

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    《The All You Want System》