The All You Want System
5 Chapter 05
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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5 Chapter 05

Haytam felt a warm feeling in his body, it was very relaxing and comfortable, like anything else he felt before. He knew directly that this was QI, that flowed in his meridians and body.

He thought in his mind: " So this is what it feels to be a cultivator. I think I can get used to this, it feels like being in a sauna the whole day."
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After he scannend his body, he asked the system: " How log will it take to reach the 1st layer? "

The system replied with the usual cold voice:

=Master, it will take about 2 minutes from now.=

Haytam was surprised, he knew that his cultivation was much faster than a normal cultivator, but it was strange to be fast like this

It was easy to reach the 1st layer in this world, so every commoner would cultivate to the 1st layer, because it helped them in their work and daily life. The problem was to go ahead to the next layer, then if you don't have the talent and resources it will be impossible.

After 2 minutes Haytam felt a change in his body, he felt he got stronger. He felt 10 times stronger than before. It was an amazing feeling, it's like being born again.For Haytam was this the second time today he felt this sensation.

"Hihi, If I keep cultivating so fast I will be in 1 or 2 years the strongest man alive, then nobody is s fast than I cultivating. Of course it isn't normal and a bit scary for others ", Haytam had to laugh so loud and his face expression was like a young man who got crazy, if someone saw him they would run away for their lives.

In the next moment his mother came back with his father, which had tears in the eyes. His father was so happy that he couldn't stop the tears and he cried on his way to his sons room. His dream was to see his son become strong, but when they found out he can't cultivate, his father was a bit sorrowful.

Haytam as he saw his father crying, he felt happy, because he knew that his father was so happy that cried. He knew exactly what his father's dream was and he would fulfill his dream.

"Haytam, I knew that this day would come and I would see my only son being able to cultivate.", said his father when he hugs Haytam.

Haytam replied :" Father, I told you I had a plan for the future.", his voice was shaking, even if he wasn't the same Haytam, he was their son and he accepted this.

His mother who stand on the side said :" you have reached the 1st layer so fast, wait...", then she stopped talking, than she said shocked: " you reached the 1st layer 2nd range now, how is this possible? You are not even cultivating!!"

Jose saw his son and he was shocked too: " This is not possible, the QI in the atmosphere is been absorbed in his body and cultivated by itself."

Jose and Maria looked each other and they were stunned. Both were in the 7th, so they could easily feel the QI in the atmosphere and where it moves and they saw a lot of supernatural views, but this was the first time they saw something like this.

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    《The All You Want System》