The All You Want System
6 Chapter 06
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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6 Chapter 06

Maria and Jose were stunned to death, their hearts beatet so furiously that everyone could hear it. Maria asked Haytam: " Haytam, how can that be possible? You are not cultivating, but the QI flows to you and you are becoming stronger."

Never before was something like this registered in the history of this continent. There was no legend about cultivating automatically, so the parents didn't knew how they should react.

It was a bless from heaven that their son can now cultivate, but they never imagined that this situation could happen to their son.

Haytam, who didn't knew how to respond said : " Mom dad after I ate the plant I heard an ancient voice saying: " You are lucky, little human. I choose you to be the strongest human ever. I have a gift for you, when you wake up you will see it by yourself.", then the voice disappeared from my mind." . Haytam didn't wanted to lie and he felt more guilty for his parents, but he couldn't tell them the truth about the system.

If anyone knew about the system when he was still weak, then nobody can save him. He would be hunted from sects, clans, royal families and empire families. So until he got strong enough to save his weak life and his parents, he won't tell anyone about the system.

His parents after hearing about what their son experienced, when he was sleeping from the ancient voice, they realized that their son will be very strong. Maria and Jose were very happy about it, they would not be preoccupied about their weak son anymore.

But they knew, if anyone knew about the cultivation ability and talent of their son, he wouldn't have a peaceful cultivation path.
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Maria was the most worried in this moment, if her son got killed or injured, she couldn't live anymore because she loved her son overall in this world.

For Maria was really difficult to get pregnant, then as higher the cultivation layer as more lower the possibility to get pregnant.

As she got pregnant, she was in the 5th layer and Jose in the 6th layer, so that explained how difficult it was. Even as the knew that Haytam couldn't cultivate, they loved him overall.

His parents looked to Haytam with a very serious eyes, then Jose said: " Son, it doesn't matter what, nobody can know about your ability. Do you understand me?"

Haytam replied after he thought about it: "Yes dad, I understand. I will do my best to hide it from other people."

Maria asked again to go sure:" Son, you know what will happen if other people know about you?"

Haytam said again with a serious shape: " Yes mom, I know that if someone knows about me, I won't have peaceful day."

Then Haytam said:" Mom dad I want to go out and explore the world, I don't want to stay in the clan. Please allowed me to go out."

Maria and Jose were astonished about the wish of their son. Both didn't wanted Haytam to go outside the clan. This continent was to dangerous, everybody can get killed without knowing how, but they didn't want to have his son in the clan like a Barby.

Maria and Jose looked each other and then they turn to Haytam and Maria said:" We have to think about it. Tomorrow we will tell you our decision. We love you.". Then both disappeared from his room.

Haytam thought: " One day I will be faster then both.", he was happy, because he knew they will allow him go outside. Then he asked the system:

" System, can you hide from others how I cultivate, it doesn't deserve that everyone knows about me."

The system replied: =Yes master, it's very easy. From now nobody will notice how you cultivate, even a 9th layer cultivator. You will be a black hole, if they scan you.=

Haytam with a happy soul, said: " System, you are the best. I love you!" (no homo)

The system didn't replied.

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    《The All You Want System》