The All You Want System
8 Chapter 08
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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8 Chapter 08

Haytam saw his parents and smiled happy. He saw his parents smiling and speaking with each other, they saw more happy than before. He walked in and kissed his parents head.

Their parents looked Haytam surprised, he never kissed them in the head before.

Jose und Maria were very happy seeing their son showing them love, Maria said: " Good morning son."

Jose only smiled and didn't say anything.

Haytam replied: " Good morning mom, dad!"

Maria and Jose saw Haytam's clothes and they didn't know what to say about them. The clothes were beautiful and they looked good on their son, so they didn't comment about it.

They begun to breakfast, Haytam liked the dishes from this continent, even if he ate it only two times. The dishes were very delicious and fragrance.

The animals, vegetables and fruits were bigger and more delicious then the animals, vegetables and fruits in earth. As he saw here were the same animals and vegetables like on earth. He liked the dishes even if they were made very simple.

His mother noticed that the supernatural view from yesterday was not more to see. So she asked Haytam:" Do you have the ability to cultivate automatically anymore?"

Haytam, with a mouthful of food, replied: " I still cultivate, but I found out that I can hide my cultivation from foreigners, so I can protect myself.". He said that very relaxed as it's nothing new for him.

Majid father opened his mouth the first time and asked: " And in which layer are you now?"

Haytam answered: " I am in the 4th layer now."

His parents instantly stopped eating and stood up, they over reacted because nobody in the millions of years reached the 4th layer in one and a half day. They calculated how fast their son was. From their experiences they begun to cultivate with 13 and they reached the 4th layer at 18 years, because they were absolute genius in this continent. After that they reached the 5th layer, when they were 28 years old and that counted to very talented. His son was 1000 times faster cultivating than an absolute genius in this continent.

Haytam looked his parents strangely, he didn't expect that they will react like this.

Maria said amazed: " I hope you know that you destroyed our image of cultivation speed right now. You can reach the 5th layer within 3 days, we needed 10 years of cultivation."

She begun to cry after she said this to Haytam, she was very grateful to the heaven to give his son such ability to grow with this speed.

Haytam stood up as he saw his mother crying, he didn't want his mother to cry because of him, even of happiness. He hugged his mother and waited until she stopped crying.

Then he said to his mother:" Mom, don't cry because of my, I want you to smile only."

Jose seeing this was proud, his son is a good hearted person and that made him more happy than anything else.

After they calmed down, Haytam decided to give his parents the smartphones. So he took them out from the bag and reached them to his parents.

When they saw the strange cold thing, they didn't knew what it was and looked their son with an asking expression.

Haytam laughed seeing his parent so and answered their questions: " As you know I want to go out and see the world by myself and I know you will be worried. The ancient voice read my thoughts and gave me this tools for communication and said I could communicate with you every time I want or when you want. They have also cultivation manuals for you, that will help you to reach the 9th layer without problems"

Jose and Maria couldn't believe that such a tool could exist in this world. The cultivators had talismans to communicate, but they were very limited in distance between the speakers.

Jose said confused:"Did you said there are manuals to reach the 9th layer? You know that since a few millenniums we hadn't an 9th layer cultivator."

Haytam replied:" I know, dad. But the ancient voice can't lie to me and I saw it with my eyes." Haytam said with confidence, even he didn't saw the manuals, but he knew the system couldn't lie to him.

Because the big amount of hormones they produced from the shock, Jose and Maria fainted directly as they heard the answer of their son.
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