The All You Want System
9 Chapter 09
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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9 Chapter 09

Haytam rapidly stood up and helped his parents, he didn't realized what in this moment happened.

He woke them up by introducing his QI in their body, because of the purity of his QI.

They get better soon and both opened their eyes after a while. Haytam asked anxiously: "Mom! Dad! What happened to you, are you Ill or something?"

Haytam was very worried about his parents, he was afraid to lose his parents, even if he knew them for a short time. He couldn't tell what he would do if something happend to them.

Maria woke up and heard the worried voice of her son, she couldn't answer any question of him. She went to him and hugged her son and said:" Thank you son, for having you here. We are alright, the shock was to big for us, so we fainted, you don't have to worry about us."

Her voice sounded gently and full of love.

Jose had tears in the eyes, he never thought to reach the 8th layer, but now his son said he could reach the 9th layer 9th rank.

What happend to his parents was for every normal, then that was a every cultivator dream, that they never would reach. Only the supreme talented people from the Empires could reach the 8th layer and they had the best manuals for cultivation, the best supplies and equipment, that helped them. For a cultivator in a 1st rank kingdom was the 7th layer the maximum what they could reach in their lives.

Jose asked his son: " Haytam how can we see the manuals. I can't feel QI in this tool, so how are the manuals saved?"

Haytam replied: "This isn't a spiritual tool, this is a smart device. There is screen you can touch and search in the downloads for the manuals." Haytam showed them exactly how the smartphone worked, where the manuals were, how to call each other and how to use the photo app.

Maria and Jose begun to look in the smartphone alone and discover what they learned from Haytam. A few minutes later both of them screamed and their mouths were open and they look stunned.

The manuals in the smartphone were not normal super manuals, they were in a higher level. If they cultivate this cultivation manuals, both will reach the top of cultivation in almost 2 years. The time was almost so long, because they had to purify the QI, blood, muscle, bones and meridians from the impurities they had in their bodies.

Maria and Jose wanted to faint right now again, but they control themselves.

Haytam looked his parent and didn't say anything. He knew that every cultivator had the dream to reach the top, but they couldn't and his parents weren't the exception. And now they got the possibility to reach the top.
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Haytam asked his parents, as he felt they calmed down:" So, do you thought about my wish from yesterday?" Haytam looked very serious at his parents.

His parents immediately nodded and smiled, then Jose said:" You can go outside, we don't have to worry about you. You can reach the 9th layer in almost one month, so you will be the strongest man in the continent."

Haytam immediately jumped of happiness, he knew that if he wants he could go and nobody will notice how and when, but it was better to be filial to his parents.

He said then: "I want to go tomorrow morning mom and dad. I will come to have breakfast with you and then beginn my adventure outside."

His parents were surprised that he wanted to go so soon. They thought he will go after a week or something like that, but they weren't prepared for tomorrow. They nodded and than they went directly to make some preparations for tomorrow.

Haytam seeing this, felt good and relaxed. Then he took the way to the weapon shop in the city, he needed something he could use to fight and hunt animals.

As he reached the main gate of the clan, he prepared himself to the view outside the clan. He didn't have any memory abut it, then the Haytam before was all the time in the clan and didn't went outside. So it was a good for him, because nobody outside the clan knew him.

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    《The All You Want System》