The All You Want System
12 Chapter 12
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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12 Chapter 12

Haytam and Sam appeared int the restaurant again. The people around them was surprised, that they disappeared and appeared in such a little time, so they thought Haytam was a spatial cultivator.
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A spatial cultivator was a cultivator with the spatial element, they were very rare in the continent. The spatial were the one who fabrics spatial storage with very rare ingredients. But the spatial element was very rare, only one of one million cultivators would have awakened this element. So they were treated like kings and if they reach a high level of cultivation, they would be took by the very big sects, clans and empires.

Sam quickly ate all the food in the table and than they leaved the restaurant. Sam said with a smile:" The other kids are in the suburbs of the city, they live there in community housing. The housing is good, but we don't get food, education or nothing else. We are 23 children in total, it's not a bad number."

Haytam hearing Sam thought how bad the governors are, they can't even take care about 23 children. He asked:" Why do you get so little help from the city? Didn't they care about the homeless children who loses their parents?"

Sam saw Haytam and smiled sadly: " When we lose our parents we lose everything. All the things that belongs us, are took away and we go to the street. They have a little bit of heart for giving us a 30 square meters to live. The governors are all hypocrites, who uses every chance to get richer and more richer."

Haytam, hearing from Sam what this people do with little child's, was very angry. He looked seriously to Sam and said:" Believe me, with me around the things will get better for you and for the others." Than he asked Sam what his story was and Sam begun to tell him how he come to the street.

" I was born in a noble family of this city, I was a boy with a golden spoon since I born. My parents were very honest and kind persons, not like the other nobles. They tried their best to live a honest live, but the other nobles didn't like they ideas and thoughts. One day when I was 6 years old, suddenly our house was burned down. Everything become ashes and my parents too. I should be their heir, but my other family members took everything from me. Now that I'm 10 I realized that everyone of my family planned to kill my parents and me, to have all their possessions. The problem was that I survived and they couldn't kill me, so they throw me in the street to my own luck." Sam after telling the story saw Haytam again and was surprised. Haytam was crying a lot, he had tears in the whole face, Sam knew that this man was the best person he meets in his life.

Haytam after crying a lot, looked at Sam and said:" Don't worry, I will be your family and I will give you the power to revenge and protect your loved ones. I promise you!"

Sam was touched by Haytam. They walked for one hour to reach the suburbs, this place didn't look like the other parts of the City. Everything looks old and broken and the street was empty, Haytam could only feel a few people and nothing else. It was like an abandoned place, nobody wanted to came here.

Sam begun to walk faster until he reached a small broken house, it seemed to be abandoned, but Sam smiled and went in with a smile:" Brothers, sisters I found a person who would take care about us in the future!"

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    《The All You Want System》