The All You Want System
13 Chapter 13
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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13 Chapter 13

In the house were a lot of children playing and eating together. They seemed to be between 5 and 10 years old, they were very young. Everyone could see the illness in their face, they were very hungry and ill.

When Sam comes in they were surprised to see an man in his 16th, but they trusted Sam.

Sam was the one who tried to bring them food everyday either they were already dead.

Haytam seeing the children thought:' How can the people be so heartless, they not even gives them food to eat.' After going in and observate the house, Haytam was very angry again. He couldn't let this children live here, this house hadn't nothing but place to sleep.

Haytam presents himself, when he was observed by the kids: " Hello, I'm Haytam. I am here to take you with me to a better place to live. Sam showed me where you live and how you are treated, so I want to help you."

The children didn't know how to react, they never were talked so kindly by a stranger. Another thing is that they never became help by others, so it was very strange. They directly saw at Sam who was smiling, seeing his happy smile they wanted to believe this man.

One little girl asked with a trembling voice:" Ar...are you saying the truth?", her eyes were wet from the nervousness. Haytam fast went to her, he put a hand in her head and replied:" I don't want you to cry, I'm here to help and not to make you feel nervous. And yes, I say the truth, don't worry."

Every child was surprised by his move and trusted him. Sam said than:" Big bro, we can go whenever you want, we are all present and nobody will miss us."

Haytam nodded and said: If everyone want to come with me than we will go now to a magical place, where you can live." Than the 23 children and Haytam disappeared from the house and appeared in the pearl.

The children didn't understood what happened right now, they wer in the house and now in a vast blue land. It was beautiful, but they saw that nothing grows up here. In the pearl was like the desert. The little girl, name's Sara, asked again:" Big bro, this looks like the desert, where should we live here?"

Haytam smiled to the girl and replied:" Wait a moment, the magic should begin in few moments." Than he said to the system:" System, please build the city right now with all the buildings and items they would need."

The system don't answered, but right after that a lot of pure QI gathered in front of them and buildings began to appear.

The view was mystical, the QI turned into solid and buildings, parks, trees and robot humans appeared. The children didn't believe their eyes, it was impossible for anyone to do something like this.

In 5 minutes a little village appeared in front of them. There was an apartment building, a medical center, a school, a place to play, a library and a restaurant.

Then the system said to Haytam:=Master I will protect an virtual window with the details of the buildings here:

- Apartment building: 25 apartments with all the items the kids can need.

- Medical center: They can cure every illness in the universe.

- School: The children can learn cultivation, technology, social behavior and a lots of subjects ( including how to be a leader)

- Play center: The children need a place to relax and play in their free time ( only open when they have really free time, the system controls this the whole time)

- Library: The whole knowledge of the universe from the beginning to the end.
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- Restaurant: The system gives the children the best food in the universe, made with treasured ingredients that helps them to grow healthy.

- Master villa: The old courtyard was transformed in the biggest and luxurious villa in the universe ( only you can enter the villa or persons with your authorization)

p.s.: The village gets bigger automatically anytime when new people comes to live here.

p.s.2: all the people who agreed to live here can't go against you or try to harm you, but they are free to go whenever they want.=

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    《The All You Want System》