The All You Want System
14 Chapter 14
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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14 Chapter 14

Haytam was surprised abut the detailed description of the system and how the system thought about the detail that every resident have to be loyal to him. That's takes a lot of work from him, so it was perfect. He said to the system: " Without you I would be nothing in this world, thank you for thinking with me. Alone I would be a stupid with legs."

Haytam is a thankful person, it doesn't matter who or what helped him, he would be grateful to it for ever. That was one of his aspect, in the earth he helped everyone he could to help and in this world it wouldn't change.

The cold voice of the system appeared in his mind and said= Master, I was created for you, I'm a part of yourself, if you are happy I will be too.=

Haytam smiled happily and looked to the kids and said with confidence:" This place will be your home from now on. Here is everything you need and want, so you wouldn't go to the outside. You all will learn to cultivate and you will be leaders of this continent and even of this world. So don't worry about anything and grow healthy in this place."

The children saw Haytam with stars in the eyes, they saw him as their biggest idol. Sam, Sara and the other children swore to follow him forever and ever.

Haytam went with the children around the village and showed them every building. They went first to the apartments, everyone took a apartment for itself.

The apartment changed the style for everyone, the system scanned the new owner as they choose the apartment and changed the design of the inside accord with their personalities. Clothes and accessories were put in the wardrobe, so they didn't needed to think about it.

Secondly he showed them every single buildings and how they worked. At last they went to the medical center to prove if they are healthy and to measure the talent they have.

As the came in the center they were all nervous, but directly a robot human nurse approached and said:" Welcome to the medical center, please follow me in 2 lines and be quite. "

The children heard the nurse and rapidly formed 2 lines and followed her. The went to big room with a lots of chairs. The nurse said:" Please sit down and wait for calling you."

She turns to the door and said: Please the first one should come with me."

Sam looked at the children, stood up and went to the nurse. He was very nervous about this. He followed the nurse and rapidly reached a room with a big capsule in the middle.

The nurse sat down, turned to Sam and said:" Please enter the capsule."

Sam rapidly entered the capsule and looked around him, this thing was very strange to him so he was nervous. Suddenly the capsule closed and a liquid filled it completely. Sam quickly lost consciousness. A mechanical voice appeared and said: " Scanning! Scanning! Don't open the capsule!"

After a few minutes in a screen appeared the results:

'Name: Sam

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Status: Healthy, low nutrition

Talent: Middle-Low

The person needs more nutrition and the talent can upgraded.'

The nurse called Haytam to see the results and ask for an upgrade. Haytam said directly to upgrade the talents of every child to the top, not like him but between him and a top talent.

The nurse reacts rapidly to his answer and wrote in the computer something, suddenly the capsule's voice appeared again:" The person will be upgraded, please don't interfere my work."

The capsule worked for a hour until the upgrade finished. Sam was still sleeping, the nurse took Sam, went to a room with beds and let him sleep there. Then she went to the waiting room and called the next. The did that for the next day without break.

But Haytam wasn't interested to wait for them, so he said goodbye and let the children with the robot. He went outside the pearl and planned to continue the journey.
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    《The All You Want System》