The All You Want System
15 Chapter 15
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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15 Chapter 15

Haytam was back in the city. He looked around him and decided to continue the journey, he went directly to the north gate of the city. The city had four gates: the north gate, east gate, south gate and the west gate. Every gate was 50 meters high and looked awesome, they were made by a legendary craftsman, who lived 2000 years ago. Haytam walked through the city without problems and reached the north gate in 30 minutes.

He thought how absurd the novels are, in a normal web-novel the main person will be attacked from everywhere, as if he had a banner and said :"Please attack me!".

In the gate a soldier asked him for identification :" Sir I need your identification, please show it to me" Haytam replied calmly :" Yes, no problem!", he searched in his pockets, took a golden medallion and showed the soldier the medallion. The soldier reacted like seeing a ghost, his face was pale and said: "Your majesty , please forgive me to be so rude to you!"

Haytam didn't expect this reaction from the soldier, he knew that the medallion he had was the highest form of identification in the kingdom. His parents were the 2 of 3 7th layer cultivators in the Kingdom of Lions, so he had a special identity. Haytam replied: "Don`t worry, you did not do anything wrong, so let ma go through and bye."
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Haytam left the soldier in the gate and went outside the city. The first he saw was meadow everywhere he looked, it looks so beautiful and peaceful that he forgot he was in the city only a few moments ago. The roads were fulled with carriage with all forms of food and materials, he saw around and thought where he should go. He was now in the territory of Assuwa Empire, this Empire was in the east of the continent and he wanted to go first to the territory of Alkebula Empire. Alkebula was the oldest Empire of humanity and the beginning of the humanity. Alkebula was like Africa in earth, but here they are the most powerful Empire in the GI continent . He was now in the east and he must to go to the north.

He looked the merchant caravans around him and asked one of them: " Hello sir, can I ask you where do you go?" The rich fatty old man answered with a smile: " Our destiny is the capital of the Alkebula Empire, do you want to join us?"

Haytam liked this fatty, it was the standard polite fatty, he responds: Thank you mister, I am Haytam and I want to go to the Alkebula Empire." The fatty replied directly: " You are welcome in our caravan, we are the Red Star merchants." Both talked for a while and Haytam knew new things about the members of the caravan.

They are from Merica Empire and in total they have 55 members of the Red Star and 10 foreign members, like Haytam. The caravan start to move a hour later and for Haytam starts a month of travel till they reach Alkebula. Haytam was 1000 faster cultivating than other the cultivators, so when they reach Alkebula he will be already a 9th layer cultivators.

If a genius person want to reach the 9th layer, they need 90 years at least, but nobody reached this layer for a few Millenniums.

Haytam enjoyed the peaceful journey to Alkebula, he knew a few new people and he did good friends, like Fabien. He was from Merica and he was like Haytam a foreign member of the caravan.

He was 16 years like Haytam and he wanted to enter the academy of Alkebula, because it was the best academy for cultivators.

He told Haytam that the 2 principals, were both 8th layer cultivators and the academy had a lot of 7th layer cultivators. Haytam was surprised that an academy was more powerful than his kingdom.

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    《The All You Want System》