The All You Want System
17 Chapter 17
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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17 Chapter 17

The three days passed away very fast and they reached Africa Capitol.

Haytam saw the capital of Alkebula and was very impressed. The city was 10 times bigger than Tanger City and it hadn't the beautiful old Chinese style buildings, the city looked like the old middle east. It saw like in the movie of Aladdin.

Haytam liked this style more than the one in Assuwa Empire or their vassal kingdoms, for example his Kingdom. As he was on earth, even if he lived in Germany and his nationality was Belgian, his background was in an Arab country.

As they were in the near of the city, he saw that the people looked Asian too, but a little more browner and had a large body constitution. He thought that their bodies were better to cultivate, then the little bodies of the people from Assuwa.

In the gate they were asked to show their identifications, he showed his golden medallion again and the soldier reacted a little bit with fear. They knew that this medallion was the identification of someone who was int the 7th layer or someone who was related to them. Even if this was the capital of Alkebula, there were only five 8th layer cultivators and no more than 15 7th layer cultivator.

Across the continent, there is only 15 8th cultivators and circa 140 7th layer cultivators, so everyone with an identification like this is one of the strongest humans in the continent. It doesn't matter which empire you are, this identification was the same.

Haytam entered the city without problems and went with Fabien to search for a place to stay, the the academy starts in 2 days and they need a place to sleep. They asked a few people in the street and they indicated them an hotel near of the academy. Both walked for few minutes and reached the hotel fastly.

Haytam rented a suit for him and for Fabien, but separated, then he had to check the situation in the pearl. Haytam wasn't there since he brought the children there ( the truth is that he forget them), he entered the pearl quickly with a hand move.

In the pearl he heard directly the laughing of little children, he was happy that they weren't sad or something, then they are little girls and boys without someone caring about them. Only the system manages this place, he knew how irresponsible he is, but he couldn't do anything.

The children felt someone came in the pearl, they were very sensible to everyone who don't belongs in the pearl. The saw in the direction of Haytam and they began to run to him. The children were very fast, then they were already in the 4th layer of cultivation.

Haytam smiled to them and walked to them ,as a boy reached him he took the child in his arms. The boy was David, he was one of the youngest in the group.

David never knew his parents, but he was a positive boy and Sam carried about him in the streets.

Haytam looked the children and saw that they are healthy and happy. He then asked:" How are you doing? I missed you so much."

Sam came out of the group and respond:" We thought you forgot us here."

Haytam responds with a weird smile:" That is impossible, I was only very busy outside." , he laughed very loud. Sam saw him and knew that he lied, but he was very grateful so he replied:" Ahh ok, no problem. We are very good here and the robots takes good care about us."

Haytam played for a while with children, he played with all they wanted. He knew that he couldn't play with them the whole time, so he made them happy for now he had time.

After playing with them he decided to rest a little bit in his villa, he never had the opportunity to go there.

He went to his villa and saw his Mercedes Maybach and reminded that he never use it until now. He said to himself to drive it with Fabien in the near future.

Then he went to his bedroom and get in his bed and fall asleep.
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    《The All You Want System》