The All You Want System
18 Chapter 18
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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18 Chapter 18

In the morning Haytam wanted to breakfast with the children, he wanted to have more time with them. He was the only adult here, he had to give an example. In the restaurant all the children came together and sat in a very large table, it was so big like in the Harry Potter films when all pupils ate together.

The human robots did for today a British breakfast. The plate contains sausages, eggs, beans, toasts and tomatoes, the food smelled very good. There was tea for him and juice for the children, so the could drink. As Haytam began to eat he felt a shock and thought he was dreaming, he closed his eyes and jumped from his place with a ridiculous posture. This food was the most delicious food he never ate before, the flavor, the fragrance, everything was perfect.

Haytam ate his dish rapidly and then he waited for the children, He wanted to play with them, but they have go to school. He did not have an idea what to do, so he decided to go to the library. Haytam still did not know everything and had a library with all the knowledge from the past, present and future of the universe. So it was the perfect moment to learn this knowledge, it will not do badly.

He walke to the library and was impressed again, he realize that every library he went to were all amazing.

He then said to the system: "Hey system, long time not speaking."

The natural cold voice answered:= Hello master, I missed you too. If you do not talk to me I will not say anything.=

Haytam was silent,he did not needed the last month, he couldn't understand why the other protagonists talked to the system so often. He thought the protagonist were idiot and needed every time to ask their systems for stupid questions.

Haytam replied the system with a wry smile; " I did not want to disturb you. You are an omnipotent system, I am sure you have a lot of work. I need all the knowledge from the library in my mind, I

do not have time to read,"

The system accepted the order: = Ok master, you will faint, but it is not a problem=

Haytam went rapidly to a bench and sat there. In the next moment he felt an headache and a lot of information flowed in his brain, a few seconds later he fainted.

The next moment he woke up, he saw the windows and it was sunset. He sat the whole day in the library, so he thought Fabien will be worried about him. But now the most important thing is to see what he get.

Haytam said to himself : " This planet is Terrum, it has 2 continents: the GI where I am and Ignus. Ignus is the secret continent, there live the devil path cultivators. The universe is named Pronod and contains 20 planets with living things. This is really the weakest universe ever, because the cultivation system is very weak compared to the other universes. I know now why I can cultivate so fast, this cultivation is for other universes only the beginning of the cultivation.

It looks like the Earth is not part of this universe, I have to search for it later."

Haytam gained a lot of information that matters for him, like there is an another continent. The devil path cultivators, are humans that cultivate the devil spirit QI in the atmosphere. In the Ignus continent is a bigger concentration of this devil QI, so the people cultivate it, bit it doesn't mean that they are devil. This humans lives under the slogan: " You choose what to do with your power, not the method you use to cultivate. It doesn't matter QI or devil QI, they do not control you."
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So it was normal to see this devil cultivators, but they were not so strong like the normal cultivators. Only the most powerful cultivators knew about the other continent, because they do not want that other humans knew about it. The reason is that the Ignus continent was more powerful and they did not want to others to came to them.

Haytam thought he have to go to the hotel back and in the next moment he was there. He jumped from the windows to the street and then came back from the principal door. All this was a deception maneuver to explain where he was. In the reception was Fabien with a worried face talking to a loli girl. He then turned the head and saw Haytam, the he shouted:" I search you the whole day, where the hell did you go!"

Haytam smiled and said:" Sorry, I had some circumstances and I went very early from the hotel. "

Fabien had now a relaxed shape:" The next time you have to say it, now we do not have time to go outside and tomorrow we have to go to the academy."

Haytam replied :" We will go the next time. I have to sleep now, good night." , then he walked to his room.

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    《The All You Want System》