The All You Want System
21 Chapter 21
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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21 Chapter 21

The couple of oldies were shocked by hearing the voice, they didn't feel any presence and it was very difficult to hide the aura from a 8th layer cultivator, the only way was to be stronger than both of them. The old man quickly looked around and saw a young man with a woman in his arms. He looked closely at the woman and was surprised to see his granddaughter. His expression turned black and he was very angry:" What did you do with my baby?"

Haytam didn't expect that she was the granddaughter of the principal of the academy, he quickly answered:" Don't worry, she fainted only. She saw my Aura and she lost consciousness, so it wasn't my fault. She is to weak."

The old man surprised asked:" How is this possible, she was trained to endure the aura of a 8th layer cultivator. I don't think you are stronger than me?"

Haytam didn't respond and let his aura out again, but this time without restriction. He made an protective formation for the woman, he didn't want to kill her.

The old man and woman felt a pressure from Haytam and they couldn't endure it. It was so strong that both kneels down and couldn't breathe, it was like someone took a large rock and put it over their bodies.

Haytam directly retracted his aura, he was strong but he respects older people. It's doesn't matter how strong you are and how intelligent you are, an older person will know more than you about the life. Haytam let the young woman in a sofa and went to help both to stand. The he said:" I am sorry, but this was the only was to show you my strength."

The old woman replied and asked for the first time:" It's ok, are you already in the 9th layer?"

He voice was very kindly and the people could listen to her for hours without problems. It was the kind of voice that all people liked.

"I reached already the 9th layer of cultivation, so from my knowledge I am the strongest man in this continent."

Both oldies looked each other and the surprise was seen in their shapes. Both believed Haytam, then nobody could made them feel anxious. Then the old woman said:" How? We both are in the 8th layer 9 rank, but we couldn't pass the line to the 9th layer. "

Haytam replied:"I am have the strongest talent in this universe, nobody is faster then me in cultivation."

Then the old man smiled and said:" I believe you. I am José Ton and she is my wife, Catalina Ton. Can I know your name?" They rapidly accepted the reality and wanted to have a friendly relation with him, so they have to present themselves at first.

Haytam knew directly what their Intention was and he thought it was good. Then he answered: "I am Haytam Ranger from the Kingdom of Lions, nice to meet you. I am here with my friend, he wanted to join the academy and I thought it were a good idea to join the academy too."

The old man said with a smile: "You are welcome in our academy, you are free to do what you want here."

Then Haytam said with a wry smile: " But I got the information, that we are in the weakest universe and I want to go to the other universes to became stronger."

Both oldies got the shock of their lives, they didn't know about other universes. Nobody knew this fact, they thought there were alone.

The old man with a trembling voice asked:" It is true what you said? And what do you mean with the weakest universe? Are there other universe stronger than ours?"

Then Haytam told him what he knew from the library and both heard him very concentrated, this information had more value than anything in this planet.

Then Haytam said: " I can help you reaching the 9th layer right now, if you promise me something."
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    《The All You Want System》