The All You Want System
22 Chapter 22
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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22 Chapter 22

Catalina and Jose had a shock, they never thought to be able to reach the 9th layer. They were already very old, they were more than 400 years old and they had not much to live. Even Jose was preparing a tomb for both, he knew that if they didn't reach the 9th layer in the next 10 years, they would have no hope more.

Catalina has the strongest desire to live longer, then as she was young she could only train and cultivate and she regrets about many things that she didn't do it in the past, like having more than one child. She had only a son and he is now very old and he has not the talent for cultivation, so he was now about 200 years old and he has only one daughter. Her granddaughter had a very good talent, so she was raised by her and Jose. Her granddaughter`s name was Sophia and she was so good talented that she managed to became a teacher in the academy by her own hard work.

Jose directly answered with an excited voice:" I will do anything in my power to help you, except if I really can`t do it."

Haytam of course was happy about his answer, he proved that this old man would not anything for power. So he said: "Don`t worry, I have my family in the Kingdom of Lions and I want someone to keep a look and care about them until they became stronger. You don`t have to help them actively, but help them in the shadows."

Both saw each other and nodded to Haytam as signal of accepting, they accept this matter without problem. They had a lot of influence in the 4 empires, because a lot of their students were from the different empires.

Then Haytam gave them an Iphone for each other and for Sophia. He explained them how it works and gave the numbers of their parents. Because he was in hurry to go, he gave them an Iphone for Fabian too, he didn't want to say goodbye because he didn't like sentimental shit. then he said: "I will help you now, please come closer to me."

It was easy to him to help them, they were already in the Peak of the 8th layer so he will only use his pure QI to help the to cross the line. Firstly he put his hands on their fronts and let his QI flows in their bodies until he fusion his QI with their QI and then he attacked the line. In the next moment the line was broken and the QI flows across the line and a lot of changes began in their bodies. Their bodies became younger, they didn't look like 80 years old but like 40 years old. The old injuries were cured and their QI became more pure with the help of Haytam`s QI.

This all would not be possible with other cultivators when they cross the 8th layer to the 9th layer, they had a special transformation because of the pure QI that Haytam mix with their QI. This QI is the purest in all universes, only the system can filter the pure QI from the normal QI.

The oldies had now to stabilize their cultivation, so their were submerged in the meditation and couldn't know what happens. Haytam looked at them and Sophia who was still fainted, he wanted to go so he wrote a letter with the message to care about care of the family Ranger and Fabien. He wrote too that in the smartphones were cultivation manuals that are very useful for them.

Haytam walked outside and saw with the spiritual sense that the new students were still writing the exam. He then took his smartphone and called his mother. As he heard her voice from the othe side he said:" MOM, I miss you so much. How are you?"

His mother answered: "My baby, I miss you too. I am fine thanks to you. How are you? Is everything ok outside?"

Haytam answered:"I am fine, mom. I have to say something."
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"I have to go to other universes to become stronger, so I called to inform you"

"Which layer are you now"

"I am in the peak of the 9th layer"

"If you have to go, then go. But I need grandchildren from you soon, so you have to find a wife rapidly."

"Ok Mom, you will have a lot of grandchildren and we will travel together in the future"

"Than goodbye my son, have a good journey!"

"Alright Mom, Thank you. See you soon!"

In the other side in Tanger City Maria began to cry and with her was Jose, they knew his son can not stay here. So they let him go.

Haytam then said to the system: " System I am ready to travel so please bring me to a world in the middle of strength." Without a sound from the system Haytam disappeared from his place. There was no evidence of his existence, it was as he never was there.

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    《The All You Want System》