The All You Want System
23 Chapter 23
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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23 Chapter 23

In a mountain chain with the name Dragon Mountains Haytam appeared. The mountains together had a appearance like a roaring dragon, the view was magnificent. This mountain chain was one of four forbidden places in the Blue Heaven continent.

Haytam opened his eyes and saw the forest around him and in the front were a lot of mountains. Then he felt the the QI around him, it was very condensed and very thick. If the cultivators in his planet were here, they would cultivate 3 times faster and they will reach the 9th layer with hard work.
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Haytam asked the system were he is:" System, where did you bring me?"

The system answered: = You are now in the Dragon Continent, specifically in the Martial World. The cultivation system are different here. It has the same system as in Terrum, but it continues for 8 other cultivation levels. From 1st layer to 9th layer is considered as one level.

The cultivation levels are the same as in the novel, there are:

- Body Foundation ( 1st to 9th layer)

-Houtian ( 1st to 3rd rank )

-Xiantian ( 1st to 3rd rank )

-Qi Condensation ( 1st to 3rd rank )

-Foundation Establishment ( 1st to 3rd rank )

-Core Formation ( 1st to 3rd rank )

-Golden Core ( 1st to 3rd rank )

-Nascent Soul ( 1st to 3rd rank )

-Immortal Ascension ( 1st to 2nd rank )

The strongest man in this planet is in the 2nd rank Golden Core.

For your information while you travel to this planet, I improved your talent in the next Level . You are now 2000 more talented that the most talented genius in all universes. You can see now a map on your right with all the most important places in this planet.=

Haytam was impressed with the detailed explanation of the system, he thought how good the system is and how the system know what he want to her from it, without doing several question.

Then he looked on his right, where a map appeared and then he saw the red points. Then a display appears in front of his, there was a detailed list with all the red points and which places they mark.

He saw a city marked in the near, so he decided to go there. He found out that he was no more able to fly, but then the system explain him why: = You were able to fly and have a long age in Terrum, because the world laws allowed to the strongest cultivators to have more power and abilities to govern the weakest. But now the world laws allows you not as one of the weakest to fly and to have a long life. With your current level you can only live for 150 years,but only because of your pure QI.=

Haytam was surprised how the world laws can control the cultivators in their planet. He thought it was not cool to walk for more than 100 kilometers alone in a forest. The he heard the voice of the system again:= Do not forget here are demon beasts, they are as strong as a Xiantian cultivators. There are more stronger demon beasts, but not in your near.=

Haytam became a little anxious, but the he thought of his cultivation speed and was relaxed again.

Then he thought how long will take to cultivate till Xiantian and the system answered again:= For a normal cultivator will it take 20 years from the 1st layer Body Foundation to Xiantian level, if he is the most talented genius in all universes , for you it will take 3 to 4 days. You have to know that cultivation is a slow process, the cultivators will be stronger and older because they will get more years to live as stronger they became. If a normal person can live for 100 years, a cultivator in the peak of Body Foundation can live 125 years, a peak Houtian level can live for 175 and a peak Xiantian can live for 200 years.=

Haytam heard the information and then he began the journey to the city.

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    《The All You Want System》