The All You Want System
24 Chapter 24
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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24 Chapter 24

After 3 days walking to the city, he met a lot of demon beasts on the way. He killed them all while he practiced his skills. He was lucky meeting only weak beasts, if he had met a high level beast he would be danger.

As he reached the city of Bay, his cultivation was in the Xiantian level. In this city the strongest man was in the 3rd rank QI condensation, so a Xiantian like him was quite good there.

Haytam thought about his cultivation and cames to the result, that he was too fast cultivating. He wouldn't enjoy cultivating, if he became too strong in a only a little time. He wanted to live normally in this world for a time, so he needed to stop cultivating automatically. So he said to the system:" System, please suppress my talent to only 100 faster than the best genius and I want to cultivate by myself and not automatically."

The system answered:" I understand master. You don't need a manual to cultivate, if you sit and concentrate yourself about gathering the QI around you, then the cultivation will start automatically until you want to stop.=

Haytam smiled and thanked the system.
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Haytam saw the city gate and and walked faster. He was very excited to explore this city and this world, this will be the first step to be truly strong in all universes. He wanted to be strong in all aspects, maybe not in politics. He knew that if he wanted to be the strongest man in all universes, he could ask the system and directly he would be an immortal, that nobody can defeat. But then his life will be boring, for the rest of his immortality.

Haytam wanted more to build his own empire slowly with only the most important people he knew. He wanted to live together with them for ever, but for now he would meet people, enjoy the life and do what he always wanted.

At the gate, the soldier with a silber armor stopped him and asked:" Hello mister, do you have an identification of living here?"

Haytam answered:" No, I am new here."

The soldier said after he heard Haytam:" Without an identification, you have to pay 3 silver coins."

Haytam nodded to the soldier and asked the system for the money:"System give me please 3 silver coins." Directly 3 coins appeared in his hand then he gave them to the soldier.

"You can enter the city now. If you need help in the city, you can ask any soldier for help.", said the soldier with a polite smile.

At first Haytam thought he needs money here, he wanted to earn his own money to spend. He did not liked to beg money from the system every time he need it. For now he will take some money from the system.

The currency of this world was like in every novel:

-Copper coins

-100 copper coins=1 silver coin

-100 silver coins=1 gold coin

A normal family could live with 1 silver coin per month in this planet, if they buy only the most basic things, like food. That without eating meat and drinking alcohol. But a normal mortal family will have an income of 3 silver coins per month, because this was a rich planet with a lot of natural resources and the people can find a opportunity to work.

Haytam entered the city and was impressed of the city architecture, it was beautiful with all kinds of colors to see and the buildings were majestically. It looks much better, than his home city in The Kingdom of Lions. The streets were full with people. The people looked all good and with a good health, they walked with a smile and they did not like poor people. Even if there were poor people, they looked normal. That was a sign of wealth and that means that the governors are good.

Haytam saw a young man, that seemed to be a noble. He had very luxurious clothes, with a white and gold tunic, he saw absolutely elegant. Haytam saw his clothes, the Nike tracksuit and the Nike Air Jordan 4, and thought that this doesn't fit in this world. He didn't want to attract the views of the people to him. So then he said to the system:" From now I want clothes from this world, but with sportive design. I do not want to walk with tunics and these elegant and unpleasant clothes."

The system like every time didn't say anything, but the clothes appears in his body. Only the shoes are still sneakers, but there were combined with the clothes. The new clothes looked similar to ninja clothes, but they were colored and the clothes were not so suspicious. They seemed cool at him.

He then decided to begin a new life here.

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    《The All You Want System》