The All You Want System
25 Chapter 25
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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25 Chapter 25

Haytam first needed a place to stay and an identity, the cultivation world gives a lot of importance to the identity of a person. The background of a person could decide how the others will treat you, except someone is a very strong cultivator. So he asked the system about this matter: " System, what can I do to prove my identity as a big player."

The system answered: = Since you are in a medium strong planet, it`s normal that persons from higher worlds comes here to recruit new disciples for their sects and clans. They have all identifications from their sects or clans and they are different in quality. As higher the quality as stronger the sect and the clan. They are divided three categories:

-Bronze ( 3+ Golden Core)

-Silver (2+ Nascent Soul)

-Gold (1+ Immortal Ascension)

These are valid in all the universes and worlds. I recommend the silver one, because they are not so rare as the gold one. You do not want trouble, but to much attention too.=

The system explains everything in detail and Haytam agreed to what the system suggest. He thought it was easy for him to do what he want here, he had the perfect cheat.

Then he agreed to the system and added:" Ok perfect, but I need a normal identification from this world too." Haytam thought it was better to use normally an identification from this world, since he live here. He wanted only to use the other identification when it comes to trouble with the higher hierarchy of this world.

Haytam then saw a soldier and wanted to ask him what he need to live in the city: " Hello mister, I have question about how I can live in this city and what I need."

The soldier saw Haytam and replied:" I don`t know, but you can find help in the city hall."

Then Haytam asked:" Where can I find the city hall?"

The soldier raised his arm and pointed to a big building in the center of the city and said:" There is it, you have to follow this street until you reach the town hall."

Haytam thanked the soldier and began to walk to the town hall. Along the way Haytam thought what he should do. One of his goals was to help more orphans on his way, he knew he couldn't help them all, but something is something. For now he would settle in this city for a time, he thought he would stay for 6 months and do something in this time.

At this time he was in front of the city hall and entered the building. In the building were a lot of people walking around or sitting. Some were talking to the officials, some were writing something, some were happy, some were very angry, you could see all kinds of expressions there. The he walked to a desk of an official and asked :" Are you free right now?"

The official who was concentrated writing raised his head and saw Haytam, then he smiled and sais to Haytam:" Yes young man, how can I help. Please take a sit."

Haytam took a sit and begun to talk about his matter:" I want to settle in this city and I wanted to register myself."

The official look at him and said:" No problem, there is two ways to do it. You can pay an amount of 5 gold coins and you can live where you want or you pay 5 silver coins and you can live in the poor part of the city. But first you need to show an identification an fill these papers."

Haytam nodded and took his normal identification out and showed it the official. In this moment the official stood up with a shocked face and then he said :" Sorry your majesty, I didn't recognize you. You can live here here without paying anything. I am really sorry to your majesty. If you have any request, please tell me I will do my best."

Haytam didn't understand the over reaction of the official, then he saw the medallion in his hand and understood why. In the medallion was written: "Supreme nobles" That means he was considered one of the highest nobles on power. He does not understood why the system gave him such identification instead of a normal one. But what happens now is already happens, so he will use the situation:" I want to buy a plot of land in the city, can you help me?"

The official smiled when he heard Haytam, his special task in the city hall was to sell plot of lands in the city. Then he took a book from his office drawer and opened it:" Sir you are right by me, here can you see the plot of lands in the city. You can choose every one of them, we can do a good price."

The official looked now more like a salesman, than an official that works for the city.
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Haytam took the book and began to see what will be better for him, there where only a few plots that were not be sold till now. The most of the book was marked as sold. Then after looking for a while he liked a plot of land in the city center, this was the most expensive one of the whole city. This plot was to the right of the mansion of the mayor. It costs 2000000 gold coins, but for now the system will pay till he did his own money. so he buy it directly.

The official said:" Welcome to our city, sir."

Haytam smiled and paid the money, did the formalities and then it was time to see the plot of land personally.

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    《The All You Want System》