The All You Want System
26 Chapter 26
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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26 Chapter 26

Haytam arrived with the official, called David, to the plot of land. He saw that this plot was the only free place in the middle of the city, because nobody could afford it to buy this plot for the price 2000000 gold coins. He liked the place here, the mansions around the plot were all splendid designed and the streets were made with paving stones, so there was no mud around like in the entrance or in the poor districts.
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Haytam turned to David and said:" Ok it is perfect for me, should I take attention about something?"

David responds:" No, you can do what ever you want..... Ahh! It is true I forgot something! You have to be careful with the daughter of the mayor, she could make for you some trouble."

Haytam thought it was strange , so he asked why:" Why? Does she have something against me?"

David answered after having a long breath:" It is not because of you. She is so old as you, but she had a very difficult childhood without a mother and her father has a lot of work, so he does not have time for her even if he loves his daughter about everything. She took as goal to repel every single person who buys this parcel. But the truth is that the family from the side from her mother had a mansion in this parcel before the mayor ordered to destroy and remove the mansion."

Haytam heard David seriously, he knew which problem he had now to deal with, but he would not be stopped from a little girl. Haytam nodded did not said anything.

Then David asked:" How do you want to build your mansion, I can give you the contact of many people who have the specialization of building mansions in the city."

Haytam smiled and said:" No need, I have already a mansion. I only need to put it in the parcel."

David did not understood what Haytam means, he never heard about someone that could carry a mansion with him. Haytam seeing his face laughed said:" It is a treasure from the upper worlds, you do not have to think about it to much about it."

David nodded only, he knew that there are sects and clans that have contact with the upper worlds and they would keep it a secret. Of completing tasks from them, they would get treasures from them. David thought Haytam was one of them.

Haytam said in his mind to the system:" System please put a mansion in this parcel with an outside design similar to the other mansions here, but with a modern interior with a Swimmingpool, library with all kind of knowledge in form of a computer and a working place with all kinds of materials and tools. Ah! I need a connection with the internet."

The system replied:"OK, I will hide the construction as if you used a magic item."

In the next moment a light appeared in Haytam`s hand and a miniature from a mansion appeared and flew to the parcel and began to grow up until the parcel disappeared and only the new mansion could be seen.

David was shocked this was the first time seeing something like that and for the other street passants and neighbors were more shocked. A lot of residents came out to see what happens here and how the mansion appeared right now. At first came a 16 years old girl running through the people and then she shout:" Who dares to build his mansion in this parcel without permission, this parcel is owned by the city.!!!"

Haytam saw the girl and knew directly who she is. She must be the daughter of the city mayor.

Then he took a couple steps to her and responds:" I bought this parcel, so I am allowed to bring my mansion here. Do you have any problem with me." Haytam did not like how she acted right now against him, as if he was a criminal. He looked at her with cold eyes. He could understood that she had a difficult childhood, so he would not be bad at her. But she has to know her fault assaulting others.

The girl saw the young man, that was so old as her and was ashamed to be scolded by him. That was the firs time that someone talked to her like this, being the daughter of the city mayor anyone dared to talk to her like this. She became red as a tomato and replied before running again to her mansion:" I will not forgive you, you are now in my black list."

Haytam seeing her reaction laughed loud and thought how funny this was, the he turned to the other people and said before entering the mansion:" Please leave, this was only a magical item. It is not so interessant like you think. David, thank you. Bye, I have to rest."

The people were surprised from his character and then they began to leave.

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    《The All You Want System》