The All You Want System
27 Chapter 27
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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27 Chapter 27

In the mansion Haytam wanted something to eat and to relax. At first he gone to the kitchen and prepared for him a self made pizza margarita, he wanted for a long time to eat something like this. He loved to cook back in earth, it was his hobby so he can do a lot of dishes.

Haytam was surprised about the quality of the ingredients, that the system provides. It was the best of the best, so the pizza was very delicious. He loved to drink green tea with pizza, so he made tea too. As he was eating, he felt a little lonely for eating alone in such a big mansion, but then he said to himself:" I will bring my parents with me soon:"

Then Haytam went to his room and prepared himself to cultivate. This will be the first time cultivating like a normal cultivator, so he was exited to do it.

He went to a screen in the wall and began to setting the density of the QI in the room, he setted it to the highest density possible. In this time a white milky mist appeared in the room, it was the QI, even in a small corner it started to drip a liquid from the mist. Haytam went to bring a bottle from the kitchen and putted it in the corner. He guessed it was liquid QI, which in every novel was a treasure that a lot of cultivators wanted to have, because of the effect in the cultivation or for the alchemist, that used it to make pills.

Then he went to his bed and sit in a meditation position and closed his eyes, then the QI around him began to enter through all the pores in the body. He felt very relaxed and strong at the same time. This feeling was addicting, but that was only for Haytam, because he cultivate with pure QI.

The normal cultivators would cultivate the normal QI from the atmosphere, which was not pure and had a lot of impurities with it. It was OK cultivating it, but for the little talented it will be very difficult to cultivate to the peak or even they would not be able to surpass the higher levels.

Haytam cultivated for the next 4 hours and was amazed :" It is much better cultivating yourself, then automatically. I can fell the advances I made, even it is to slowly for me."

The he went again to the kitchen with the bottle of liquid QI and then he measured how much the bottle had collect in the time the QI was very thick in the room.

"Wow I have collected 2 liters in 4 hours, if I sell it will have a big price and I think a lot of people wants to buy these treasure." Haytam was thinking in a way to make money, so this was a beginning for him to build his own business empire in this life.

Then Haytam took a Snickers from the fridge and ate it, the he went to sleep.

In the next morning he stood up and took a shower. Then he made a good breakfast, he was no more worried about becoming fat like in earth. It was impossible become fat, when you are cultivating, only when you want to be fat.

Haytam prepared himself and went outside, he looked around and saw that a lot of carriage were moving, He thought and then he had the idea to drive for the first time his Maybach in this streets. The he took the G-Class Maybach outside the pearl and entered the car. The first thing coming to his mind was how huge this car was. Then he smiled and turned the car on and started to drive to the commercial streets.

Haytam wanted to sell the liquid QI, so he need to explore which stores were better to sell it and which are really trustful. Then what he wanted to sell was not a cheap trinket.

When driving the daughter of the mayor, named Laura, was watching Haytam. She was very interested in this young man that could took a mansion out, like nothings happened. Or responding her, even if she was the daughter of the mayor of the city. Or right now a strange carriage without a beast dragging it, appeared from the nothing. He could even move it and the design was incredible.

Then she thought:" I will observe you, even if you are from a big family I will not forgive you buying the parcel." She knew that her statement was wrong, but that was one of the important places of her died mother. So she could not let him go.
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    《The All You Want System》