The All You Want System
28 Chapter 28
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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28 Chapter 28

Haytam didn't knew that someone was thinking about him, so he drove relaxed to the commercial street. Once he arrived there he parked where the normal carriage parks. This first time driving was some good for Haytam, he never drove before, but he had learned how to drive from the system, so he was better than a race driver.

The commercial street was filled by people, everyone was doing his matter. Haytam walked to the most attractive store there, he had to walk for 10 minutes until he reached it. It was so big that everyone will have thought that it was close from the beginning of the commercial street, but it was much far than the eyes see.

When Haytam stood in front of the store, he saw the name in the big signboard "Miraculous Pavilion". There were a lot of people entering and coming out from the store, this was good sign for Haytam. Then as more people trust this place as much safer for him.

Haytam smiled with a big smile and went in. The Miraculous Pavilion interior was beautiful, very beautiful, with a lot of paints and arts all around. Haytam`s mouth was wide open, this looked like the Vatican Museum, but much incredible.

Haytam went to one of the workers there and asked:" Hello, I want to sell something. Can you call your manager?"

The worker frowned and responds:" You are only a kid, why do you need the manager?" His voice was full with arrogance, it was like he thought he was the king here.

Haytam`s faces turns angry and replied:" You are the one who is only a miserable worker, if a customer asks for the manager then you have to call him. Do you understand?" Haytam`s voice was fill with anger and his voice wasn't low, so everyone could here him. And even he let his aura out, this was the first time in almost 2 months that he was really angry. His aura changed with his anger too and could pressure everyone under the QI Condensation level.

In the background an another worker ran to the upper flours and went to a room. This was the managers office, the worker rapidly said:" Manager, you have to go down. A Felix made a costumer angry. He wanted to see you, but Felix does not wanted to bring you to him and he used an arrogant tone too." The worker explained fast what happend.

The manager nodded and said:" This Felix want to die, he knew that the costumer is king in this pavilion, so if someone wants to see me then I have to respond to their wants." The manager was furious too, then the pavilion had very strict house rules. But a little worker in the entrance dares to skip the rules.

Then he disappeared from his office and the worker was unable to follow him, then he had no cultivation.

Back to Haytam, he was still furious. Felix was in the ground and he pissed his pants from the fear from Haytam, his aura was too strong for a mortal like him without any cultivation. Then the manager appeared and looked to Felix in the ground, he was surprised that he was in this situation and from the aura that comes from Haytam`s body. The he turned to Haytam and said:" Hello sir, I am really sorry for the behavior from my worker. I can assure, that this will be the last time he woks here. "

Haytam`s smile return back and his aura was back in his body, then he said:" Ok, it`s good. You have really to care about the behavior of the your workers, then if it was an another person he will be killed." It was like nothing happened, but the he said:" It´s your workers fail, so you have to compensate me." Haytam used this situation for his benefits, he knew from the behavior of the manager, that he had to apology with him. So he could use it for his benefits.

The manager smiled and replied:"Sure sir, I heard that you have matters to discuss with me. Follow me please." then he turned to the other workers and said:" I do not see this trash in this pavilion again, so throw him away." He was determinate to get rid from this trouble maker and rules broker.

Haytam followed the manager to the upper flour and entered the managers office. The he said :"You have a nice office. Can I know what is your name?"
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The manager replied with a smile:" Of course sir, my name is Michael and yours?"

Haytam responds:" My name is Haytam and I am here to sell something."

The manager said:" Ok, what do you want to sell that needs my presence."

Haytam didn't said anything and took the 2 liters liquid QI and putted it on the table.

The manager took the bottle and inspected the liquid and then he stood up with shock and his face looked hilarious. Haytam had to laugh because of his expression, it was very funny to see.

Then the manager asked:" How is that possible, that you have such treasure. Are you sure about selling liquid QI?"

Haytam replied:" Yes, why I am here then?"

Michael sat back again and took a long breath then he said:" Ok, this liquid QI costs normally for a 100 ml 1000000 gold coins, but this treasure appears only once every 10 to 20 years. You have here ab amount of 2 liters, that is the total of 200 to 400 years of accumulation. So because you have so much, the price will be reduced to the half because there is a lot of costumers and there is enough for all."

Haytam thought about what Michael said and he thought it was reasonable, then he had so much liquid QI in only 4 hours of cultivation. He had the idea of being the number one supplier of liquid QI and made this to the main income for now. The he said: " Dear Michael, what would you say if I say that I can supply liquid Qi in this amount every week?"

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    《The All You Want System》