The All You Want System
29 Chapter 29
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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29 Chapter 29

Michael was more than shocked, he could not believe what Haytam was saying. He thought at first that Haytam was crazy, who would believe that a 16 years old boy could supply the most expensive liquid in this world. Then he thought he heard wrong, so he asked:" What have you said? You want to supply Liquid QI?"

Haytam smiled and replied:"Yes"
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Michael fell from his chair, this was to much for him. He was already almost 300 years and he had bottleneck in the 1st rank QI Condensation level, so he could not surpass to the 2nd rank. He looked like a middle aged man, but he knew that he had only 5 years more to live. He needed the liquid QI to reach the next rank or maybe the next level, but he knew that he had no chance because this was a small city and his branch Miraculous Pavilion was to small to get such treasure.

In this world there is no Kingdoms or Empires, there were only cities. As bigger the city as more powerful it is, the biggest sects and clans were there too. So every city had the potential of getting bigger and more powerful, when the right persons are governing it. Then there is no persons from the outside that governs the city, only the inner governs and laws.

It was forbidden to try to establish a kingdom or empire, there was powerfully sects and clans that governs more than one city, but this is because they does not have real power inside. The cities like this uses the name of the sects and clan to get protection from them in exchange of taxes and freedom there, but they govern themselves or have a little influence from them.

Even Haytam was smiling and laughing about the super reactions of Michael, he was very serious about this matter. He wanted to develop this city to the biggest one in this world and for this he needed to have money for his ideas. Then he said to Michael who was still in the ground:" Michael, I am very serious about what I said. I need your help for this matter."

Michael saw Haytam`s serious expression and nodded, then he said:" I need some of this Liquid Qi, then I can work with you full time. We can do a cooperation between the Miraculous Pavilion and you."

Haytam thought this was a good thing, so he agreed and said:" You will get 1 liter of this and we will made a contract right now." Haytam thought it was very cheap to begin a cooperation with this pavilion. Then this pavilion was big deal in this continent, he checked in his map about this pavilion and he found out that in every city was a Miraculous Pavilion. So a cooperation with such a big deal will open gates, that he alone can not.

Michael stood up and sat at his place again, then he said:" If you can provide 2 liters a week, then the price will fall a lot. We can fix the amount for each bottle at 100 ml and the price at 100.000 gold coins each bottle. This price will be fixed and can not be changed. We will sell this product in the whole continent, so we need you to give us the product at one fix day. So we can transport the product in the bigger branches. We will sell the product for 115.000 gold coins in our pavilions and you will be paid directly after giving the product. I think you do not want that your identity comes out, so it will be top secret and nobody will know were the product came from."

Haytam was surprised about detail of thinking of this manager and then he said: " Ok, please write a contract and let us sign it. This 2 liters will be the first supply and I will reach you every Monday 2 liters. The next time I will give you your 1 liter too. Ah, if someone needs to know were this came from, then say it comes from the upper worlds."

Then Michael wrote a contract and both sign it.

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    《The All You Want System》