The All You Want System
33 Chapter 33
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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33 Chapter 33

Haytam smiled and replied:" You are allowed to say 'Hello' too, I am a guest here."
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The girl was more furious than before and she said:" You are not allowed to be here, go out of my house!!" The girl did not even try to speak with Haytam, she was like a little girl when is mad.

Haytam laughed and said:" Calm down, lets chat. Maybe we can solve your problem with me." Haytam thought this girl was a little sad, he wanted to speak with her to help her. He grew up in a big family, but she was alone with her father and her father was very busy the whole time.

The girl replied:" I don't want to speak with you. You did something unforgivable, don't try to convince me." The girl was still very angry and her beautiful face turned red.

Haytam then said:" Look, I bought this parcel with my money. I did not steal it or something, so if you do not like it than it's your problem, not mine." Haytam was now impatience with the girl, he wanted to speak with her but she was like a stone. Then he added :" You are not a little girl anymore, that cry about things of the past. And you don't have the right to be mad at me."

The girl calmed down and began to remember how she acted with him since she meet him the first time, she was ashamed to be like this. Then she thought about her beloved mother and how she liked to play with her in the garden of the old mansion, she doesn't wanted to forget this memories in this place. She wanted to buy the parcel before, but her father did not agreed to give her the money.

The girl felt on the knees and began to cry, she was lonely... very lonely. Her mother is dead and her father was very busy as the mayor. She cried loudly and her voice was full with sadness.

Haytam saw her crying and he felt like needle pricking his heart, he couldn't see her crying like this. He didn't know why he felt like this, but it was what he felt. Then he stood up and went to her and hug her. He felt her warmth and her tears falling in his shoulder. He felt her loneliness and he thought he was a little to hard with her.

Haytam let her cry till she stopped, then he saw her eyes now red and her red face. Then he helped her to stand up and to sit her in the sofa. He sat with her until she calmed down.

Then he heard from her:" Thank you." Her voice was very low, he could hear it only thanks to his better ears. A normal person wouldn't be able to hear what she said.

Haytam didn't replied, but he said:" Let we be friends, we are at same age and you can come to my house every time you want. By the way I am Haytam."

The girl looked surprised Haytam, she was very grateful to made her awake from her childish actions and he helped her to let her to cry until she let all the everything from her heart. She smiled and then she said:" Ok, let us be friends. I am Alice, nice to meet you."

Haytam replied :" Nice to meet you too, please take care of me."

Then both chat about normal themes until they could talk like normal friends that trust each other, because they couldn't talk about everything at the first time meeting each other. Then Alice asks:" I saw that you live alone, where are your parents? You are at the same age as me, my father wouldn't let me live alone."

Haytam replied:" I am from an another world and my parents live where I came from. They couldn't stop me of leaving my home planet, because of my talents. But I will bring them soon here to live them with me."

Alice replied:" Wow, you are from an another world and you are so young. I heard the persons that came from other world are mostly old, because they have to have a high cultivation level."

Haytam didn't try to explain that he is from a weak universe, because then he had to explain how he could came here without an high cultivation level.

Then both heard the door being opened.

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    《The All You Want System》