The All You Want System
34 Chapter 34
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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34 Chapter 34

The door was opened and a middle aged man came in, he looked awesome with his red-fire light armor. This man is the mayor of the city, the strongest man in this city. He had an aura around him that made the other feels respect to him.
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He saw his daughter Alice talking to a stranger and he thought how strange this situation was. His daughter did not have friends, no matter if man or woman. She was a lonely soul. He wanted to be more time with her, to compensate the loneliness that she have. But unfortunately he was the mayor and the busiest man in the city.

The problem was that every problem or organisation of the city has to be made by him personally, there wasn't any other persons that helped him. This was something that stopped the developing of the city, because one brain can't organize a whole city alone. They didn't thought of distribute the tasks to different persons like in the earth, for example a minister of health would only think about themes of health and medicine. That is why Haytam wanted to introduce this system with ministers, because there will be more persons thinking instead of one person.

The middle aged man smiled and said:" Hello Alice, who is your friend here?"

Alice who was chatting with Haytam turned to her father as she heard his voice and saw him at the door. Then she smiled and responds:" Hello father, welcome at home. This is our new neighbor, who bought the plot of land."

Haytam stood up and introduced himself :" Hello mayor, I am Haytam Ranger. Nice to meet you."

The mayor smiled and responds: " Hello Haytam, you are welcome here. I see that you and Alice have a good relation, that makes me happy. She has now a friend, I thought she would't have a friend in the rest of her life." The mayor talked with a happy smile in his face, he was truly happy that his daughter had a friend now. He could trust him because Alice had the ability of knowing if someone had bad thoughts of her or her family. So if he could be her friend, than he didn't have hidden thoughts about her.

Then he continued and said :" You can feel comfortable with me and call me uncle Jacob. I heard from the guards that you wanted to speak with me."

Haytam liked uncle Jacob, he looked like a good man. Then he said:" Yes uncle Jacob, I have to speak with you about some themes. It will be better if we talk in privat, this room it not secure enough for me."

Uncle Jacob looked Haytam with a suspicious eyes, then he replied:" Let us at first eat lunch and chat, than we can chat in my office. Now it's my break and I need to be with my daughter too. When the break is over after lunch than we can talk officially in my office."

Haytam was surprised that he used his break to be with his daughter, he knew from him that this was the only time in the day that he could be with his daughter. Haytam respected the man in front of him, he thought he would be perfect to work with.

All three went to the living room and sat together, then they start to chat. Uncle Jacob begun and said:" Haytam, I have heard about you from David that you paid the most expensive plot of land in the city alone and that your mansion appeared from the nothing. He was very impressed about you. Are you from an another world?"

Haytam got a red face from what uncle Jacob, he knew that this all was thanks to the system. He replied:" It's nothing, that all was thank to my family. I am from an another world and I wanted to go to other worlds to discover new things."

Alice heard what Haytam said and asked in hurry:" You said you want to discover other worlds, are you going away from here when you are bored?" She was anxious, that her first friend will go away.

Haytam saw her and responds:" Don't worry, I decided to live here from now on. I will travel and come back." He calmed her with his words.

Uncle Jacob who heard how normal he spoke about traveling to other worlds and he knew that Haytam`s background was terrifying to make possible to travel to other worlds. He knew that he needed to have a good relation with him. Then he said: " You are welcome to live here as much you want."

Then a servant came in and said:" Master, the brunch is ready on the table."

Uncle Jacob stood up and said to Alice and Haytam to go to the dining room.

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    《The All You Want System》