The All You Want System
36 Chapter 36
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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36 Chapter 36

After a while uncle Jacob entered the office, he seems to be happy. Alice saw her father happy and wanted to ask him what happend, but then uncle Jacob said:" I have good news!! In the next auction in the city, Liquid QI will be auctioned. I can reach the Foundation Establishment, I dreamed about this day for so long. I have a big chance to buy it, then I am the richest man in the city too."

Haytam saw the man in front of him and laughed, than he said:" Uncle Jacob, I think you don't have to buy it. I have a little liquid QI with me, if you want it than I can gift it to you. I don't need it anymore."

Alice and her father looked Haytam strangely, what he said was very unexpected. Nobody that was not mental ill wouldn't offer such a precious gift. Uncle Jacob rapidly replied:" I can't accept this, you are young and you need that more for your cultivation. This old man can't take this from a talented youth." Uncle Jacob sounds very serious.

Haytam took the liquid Qi he collected today and gave it to uncle Jacob, it was 2 liters like yesterday. Haytam needed only to sell the Liquid QI once a week, so he had more than he needed and he could offer it to others without problem. Then he said:" I have a lot of this, I don't need so much. You can have this one for you, it's only 2 liters but I think it's enough."
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Uncle Jacob was shocked, he never had Liquid QI and now he had 2 liters. He could use this to reach the next level and maybe the reach the 3rd rank of the next level. He thanked to Haytam :" Haytam, I am really grateful to you. If you need anything I would try my best to help you. You helped me a lot, if I reach the 3rd rank of the Foundation Establishment, then I can govern the city like I want and develop the city to a big city."

Haytam didn't understood what uncle Jacob said. He thought he was the mayor and the strongest man in the city, also he could govern the city like he wanted. But now he understood that it wasn't like he thought, so he asked:" Uncle Jacob, I thought you are the mayor and strongest man in the city, why can't you govern like you want?"

Uncle Jacob sighed and sat in his chair, the he begun to tell what the problem was:" This world is very developed in many big cities, they use an energy named 'Elektron' to have light the whole time and for a lot of other things. It was developed by the normal humans to make their lives easier, they worked hard to find out about how to use it and they made it. But it was only possible because the sects that are behind them allows the cities to develop themselves without limits." Uncle Jacob made a pause and then he continued:" But this is only possible by the very big cities and big sects in the center of the continent, the other places are governed by the little sects that only wants taxes from the people. If the little cities develops themselves and get stronger, the little sects wouldn't be able to have power over them. So they oppress the cities with all their power to stay weak, so the can have power over them."

Haytam understood the situation, the big sects would use the development of the cities to increase their power too. And the weak sects would oppress the cities to stay weak and only have money from them, without increasing their power. Then they are afraid to lose the little control they have over the cities.

Uncle Jacob continued after he made a break again: " The sect that we belongs to is a little middle sect with a 3rd rank Foundation Establishment leader. If I am so strong like him, I would declare my independence and develops the city, like the big cities in the central part of the continent."

Then Haytam laughed and said:" Hahaha, I wanted to speak with you in about this topic. I wanted to develop the city and I wanted to ask you if you wanted to help me. I also thought I needed to introduce new technologies in this world, but I forgot to see the situation in other cities and if they were the same as here. But I don't need to work like I planned. I can continue my normal life and help you."

Alice and Jacob were surprised again, they didn't expect that Haytam wanted the same as they wanted. Alice was happy that Haytam wanted to help their father, she can have more time with Haytam, if he came to her house to help her father. Then she said:" Haytam, we have to work hard to achieve what we want." She sounds happy as she said that to Haytam.

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    《The All You Want System》