The All You Want System
38 Chapter 38
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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38 Chapter 38

After Uncle Jacob finished telling the story, he had red eyes. Haytam and Alice could both see the anger, loneliness and the desire of revenge in his eyes. It was not easy to control himself about killing these bastards, but he did it for his only daughter.

Haytam was angry too, he wanted to kill everyone from the Seven Fists Sect, he didn't count them as humans anymore. For him they were worse than animals, then the animals didn't have any intellect, but human did have. Haytam said:" Uncle Jacob, I will annihilate them from the surface of the planet. And I will search the responsible of the suicide of aunt and deliver them to you."

Uncle Jacob saw how serious Haytam sounds and smiled a bit, then he said:" You are a good boy, even if today was the first time we meet I could trust you and tell you about me. Then I will give you the task to annihilate them , but not now. Let's wait to the entrance exam in 6 months, then than all members will be reunited in Bay City and we can deal with them at once. "

Haytam agreed:" Ok, It's perfect. I can in this time get stronger and prepare myself."

Alice who was there and silent suddenly said:" I will improve my cultivation too and I will kick their ass off, I can't wait for this moment."
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Uncle Jacob and Haytam laughed together as they heard what she said, they could see her enthusiasm and made them laugh.

The members of the Seven Fists Sect should hope not to encounter their way with Haytam before the tournament, then Haytam would not spare them no matter what.

Today Haytam, Jacob and Alice signed the death contract of the Seven Fists Sect, that means only one thing for all them: DEATH.

It was already late as they finished talking, uncle Jacob had missed all the meetings he had to attend today, but he doesn't care. Today was good day for him, so the others should don't disturb him, also he sent a servant to give the word that he wouldn't attend anything for today.

Haytam leave the mansion after being almost the whole day there, he was very happy to had knew these father and daughter. He took them as real friends, like Fabien. He missed Fabien a little bit, so he decided to bring him with his parents to this world. Then he went home.

In the mansion of the mayor Alice suddenly remembered the book that Haytam gave her for her father, she was now in her room so she took the book and went back to the office. As she was there, she gave the book to her father and said:" Dad, Haytam gave me this book for you. He said it will help you in your investigation about improvement of the talent. Good night, I think I will see you no more today."

Uncle Jacob took the book and saw the cover, the title was: ' Talent & Meridians'. He thought it was an another book about what he studied about, but he wanted to give a try because the book was from Haytam.

Uncle Jacob went to his armchair and sat there, it was his favorite place for reading. He began to read and a little bit later he could't stop reading. All his questions and doubts he had about the meridians and acupuncture he had were solved. It was like all the answers were there from the start on. He stood up and began comparing the book with the books in his library.

He was so exited that he was the whole night awake, he worked the whole time. He couldn't stop working, this was the moment of his life. If he succeed a lot of talents will appear in the city and the city can improve their power, so he couldn't stop.

The next morning he sent a servant again to give the word that he is working at something important and that he couldn't go to the city hall for the next three days. In this way he worked for three days non stop with his researches.

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    《The All You Want System》