The All You Want System
39 Chapter 39
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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39 Chapter 39

3 months passed away.

Haytam got used to live in this new world, he did what a normal cultivator will do. He cultivated and lived his life like he wanted, nothing more.

In the 3 months he was cultivating, playing with Alice and selling the Liquid QI. He reached the 3rd QI Condensation level, it took him 4 to 8 hours cultivation each day. But he loved it, the feeling of gathering the QI in the body was incredible and he was addicted to this feeling.

His relation with Alice reached the next level. After they meet each other every day, both developed romantic feeling for each other. It started when Alice begun to come to his mansion more often and helped him cooking or clean the house together. With the time Alice become like a wife and they did everything together. If someone has to go out for something, they will accompany the other. If one of them was happy, the other will be happy too.

Uncle Jacob who saw the everyday, joked every time about when they will made a grandson for him. He was very happy about both being a couple, he wanted even to organize a wedding for both. It was normal that a couple get married with 16, then in the cultivation world the people maturate faster than in earth. And for cultivators was very important to marry early, because as stronger as the possibility of having a child become smaller. Therefor they become a child early, but only one child.

Uncle Jacob continued to research the improvement of the talent and he develop a acupuncture manual a month ago. He tried the manual with himself and surprisingly his talent growth a lot.
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His cultivation speed was three times faster than before, the QI was more pure and his strength rise a lot. His body become more harder and his blood was purified with the pure QI he absorbed. It was incredible that he was 3 times stronger as a cultivator in the same level.

But what was really incredible, is that after the blood was purified an incredible discovery was discovered. He found out that the blood contains a power that nobody knew, he was able to activate the power with his QI for a short time. He was able to manifest a fire wolf and use his power to attack or to defend, he was even able to ride on the wolf.

When he said this to Haytam, he was surprised too. So he asked the system:" System, can you explain this to me? From what I learned from the library, this isn't possible."

The system responds after a while, it wasn't normal that the system delay responding, but then the system talked:= This wasn't planed to be discovered. What he did was to purify the blood with QI more than in a normal case. When a cultivator purify the blood in the Body Foundation level, they purify it only a little even if they are the most talented genius in all universes. But now he purified the blood till the DNA of the animals that were eaten from his ancestors and himself were combined with his DNA. That means he has 2 DNA in his body and he can manifest the second one with QI. I calculated that this is possible for everyone. The acupuncture manual he created is in divine level, it is the only divine manual that was created from a low level cultivator and can be used from everyone.=

Haytam was surprised when he heard the explanation of the system, he looked at uncle Jacob and he didn't know how he should tell him about it. But before he could speak the system interrupt him and said: = Master ,I analysed more and found out more. Do you want to hear it now?=

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    《The All You Want System》