The All You Want System
40 Chapter 40
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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40 Chapter 40

Haytam responds: " Yes, tell me all you found out about this. I think I have provoked a huge change with my help in the cultivation world. So hurry up and tell me!" Haytam was a bit anxious,he didn't expect all this.

The system continued and began to speak:=

-At first the strongest beast DNA will become the second DNA, also if a person have 50 different beasts DNA in the blood and one of them is from a divine beast, then only the divine beast DNA will stay and the others will disappear.

- After calculating the perfect time to purify the blood is at the age of 16, then the DNA are at the highest point of purity. It doesn't matter in which cultivation level you are, that means nothing for the DNA. The most important is after the awaking of the DNA, then as more a person cultivate as more stronger the DNA becomes and more stronger the beast you manifest.

-The more higher the cultivation the more time the beast can be manifested and in the Immortal Ascension level the beast can become real and create an own body.

- The DNA are divided in different levels:

- Mortal: The beast is useless, cultivation speed X1

- Earth: Weak beast, cultivation speed X2

- Heaven: Strong beast, cultivation speed X3

- Divine: Paragon under the beasts, cultivation speed X10

- Immortal: No data, cultivation speed X?

- If someone consume a powerful blood of a beast right before the awaking, then they will get the DNA of this beast. For example Jacob had consumed the blood of a fire wolf before the awaking and that is what he get, he had luck to find a weak fire wolf and could consume it. Normally they are only in upper worlds to find. He get an heaven rank DNA.

- I advise you to name this Bloodlines instead of DNA, as you know they are not so far with biology and all this stuff.

That was all I wanted to say and good luck. You have changed the fate of the cultivation world, the people will change the way they knew to cultivate. You have to be careful, there are people that don't like big change and they will be an obstacle for you.=

Haytam was exited now, he lived the system and the speed of analyzing it has. He could know everything about the bloodlines after the discover, in a normal case it will take thousands of years to investigate the bloodlines and classificate the bloodlines in levels. But what he find strange was that the system talked more like a human than before, it will give an advise and speak naturally. Haytam thought that the system becomes more like a person with time, but he wasn't worried about it, he was happy then he knew that the system was absolutely obedient to him.

Haytam then remembered that he was with uncle Jacob, who was anxious about what he discovered. Uncle Jacob didn't knew if what he discovered was something good or bad, if he told someone that he can manifest a beast with the blood, then it's possible that they reject him.

Haytam looked Uncle Jacob with a smile and said him what he has discovered:" Uncle Jacob, you woke your bloodline up."

Uncle Jacob didn't understood, so he asked: " What is a bloodline and why can I manifest a beast?"

Haytam smiled and asked too:" Which beast have you ate this days?"

Uncle Jacob was confused , but he responds anyway:" It was a little wolf I hunted 2 days ago, I found it in a cave in the forest with his dead mother."

Haytam than asked:" It's your beast manifestation similar to that wolf?"

Uncle Jacob thought for a moment and then he agreed:" Yes, it is very similar. But it looks like the mother."
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Then Haytam explained what he found out from the system:" Uncle Jacob, you discovered a new way to cultivate. You woke your bloodline up, that means that rest of the beasts you and your ancestor ate have been purified and becomes a second type of blood in your blood. That means that the strongest rests of blood in your body had been purified and becomes a part of you. In your case is that you ate a very powerful beast and you get his power."

Uncle Jacob was admonished after he heard what Haytam said, this was very difficult to believe. That he was able to create such manual was incredible enough for him, but this is even more incredible.

He wanted to say something, but he stutter the whole time and Haytam couldn't understand him.

Haytam who saw how sensible uncle Jacob was right now went to help him to sit down, he was afraid that this man here will have an weakness arising. Then he said to him: " Uncle Jacob, you are the first one in all universes that could achieve something like this. You are incredible!"

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    《The All You Want System》