The All You Want System
41 Chapter 41
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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41 Chapter 41

Haytam was thinking about what happend a month ago, it was a month ago when Jacob manifested for the first time his bloodline beast. Haytam was thinking why he couldn't awake a beast too, he tried everything he could but nothing worked like he wanted. He couldn't wait anymore, also he asked the system for help:" System, why can I not awake a bloodline?"

The system replied fast: = Hello master, You know that I purified your body to the highest level of purity. And because you cultivate the purest QI, your body are cleaned the whole time. That means you don't have any ADN rests in your body, so it's normal that you can't awake any bloodline.=

Haytam heard what the system said and nodded, he thought about how dumb he is. He knew that, but he didn't gave a fuck about it, so he wasted one month for nothing. Than he said to the system:" System, I want it too. It's cool to have a beast in your body and You can do a lot of things."

The system replied:= If you want a beast bloodline, the I can fusion one for you. But it wouldn't help you with cultivation, it will be only to attack, defend and move. Then it wouldn't be useful for you.=

Haytam was happy as he heard the system, so he said what he wanted: " I want Dragon to attack, a phoenix to move and a turtle to defend. I want them all three and I want the strongest type,"

The system agreed and said: = Ok, you get the black dragon, the white phoenix and the diamond turtle. They are the strongest beast in all universes, because I created them right now. They are in the Immortal Ascension level, they are your bodyguards from now on. "

Haytam started to spring and to laugh like a crazy dude, he was very happy. he got what he wanted, so he wanted to try them. Also he felt the bloodlines in his blood with the QI, at first he sensed a white color QI. Haytam guessed that this was the White Phoenix, also he manifest it.

In the next moment a magnificent Phoenix appeared in front of him, the phoenix was pure platinum white. The phoenix wasn't a ice phoenix, it had the platinum element.

Haytam, who was watching the amazing phoenix, heard a female voice:" Master, I am the White Phoenix. I am the fastest living beast ever, nobody can compare with me when it going about speed. I am your servant now, I hope I can fulfill your standard."

Haytam was amazed with the phoenix in front of him, he didn't knew that she could speak. Then Haytam said: " White Phoenix, I want to fly now." Haytam was exited to fly with phoenix, he wanted to fly high and feel the air in his neck.

Then Haytam jumped to the back of the phoenix. The phoenix had very cozy plumage, even if it was real platinum plumage. then the phoenix use two platinum feathers to hold Haytam in the back to not fall, then she flew very fast and he couldn't stay in her bag if he holds her only with his power.

Then the phoenix said: " Master, I start now. Let's go"

In the next moment both disappear and appear in the outer space, it was so fast that anyone could think that they have teleport there instead of flying. Haytam was shocked, he was able to see every movement of the phoenix, it was like when he was on her bag, the time flows slower.

The outer space was beautiful, he could see a lot of stars and other planets. He saw a star not far from their location, so asked the phoenix to go there: " Phoenix, fly to the star there. I want to play there."

The phoenix did what Haytam said and went there. Haytam played for the rest of the day in the outer space, until he had to go back to breath. He could not breath for many hours if he wants, but after that he needed to go back to respire.
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Haytam officially liked the outer space, he felt there free and he liked it. When the were back, Haytam went to sleep, he was very tired after such long day.

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    《The All You Want System》