The All You Want System
42 Chapter 42
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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42 Chapter 42

In the next day Haytam wanted to play with the Black Dragon and the Diamond Turtle, but he hadn't time. Today he needed to go to a big city to buy some materials. He was planning to forge a sword, but he needed some materials that weren't available in Bay City.

The plan was to go to the big auction house in Saint City. Saint City was far away from Bay City, a normal person would take up to year of travelling with a horse. It was so because nobody wanted to go to Bay City, which was only a little city without importance. Of course for cultivators with demon beast, then it would take only max. 1 month.

Haytam had his breakfast and went to Alice, she wanted to travel with, so he had no choice than let her come with him. As he reached her house, Alice was already prepared. She was nicely dressed, she looks very pretty with her white dress with sakura leafs. She would attract every person to her, she had an light aura that made every person nice to her.

Alice saw Haytam coming and she ran to him and hugged him, then she said : " Hello Haytam, are you ready for the trip today. I am ready! This is my first time travelling to a big city, I am so exited!"

Alice hugged Haytam so strong that he couldn't respire anymore, he could say only this :" 'Cough' 'Cough' ... I a..m exi..ted too. Let ... me go..' Cough'"

Alice saw Haytam who was completely red, so she let him go. And said:" Sorry, I was very happy and couldn't control my strength."

In reality Haytam could support it with his strength, but with her he didn't did it. He didn't knew why, but he couldn't use power against her.

Then Haytam said:" I want to show you something, I have a bloodline and it's perfect to travel. i show it to you."

Than he let White Phoenix out, the majestically phoenix appeared in front of them. It was like yesterday very beautiful and magical. Alice was more surprised and said:" I want a bloodline like this one, it's so beautiful. It's the most beautiful beast I saw in my life, how can such an idiot have a beast like this. The world is really unfair." Alice began to pouting and to signal at Haytam.

Alice didn't mean it for real, she saw that Haytam tried to awake a bloodline for a whole month, now that he had a powerful one, she was only happy for him.

Haytam laughed as he saw how she react, but he knew that she was playing around. So then he said: " Let's go, sit in the back of the phoenix."

Them both sat at the phoenix back and like yesterday the phoenix used the platinum feathers to hold them in her back.

Then Haytam said to the phoenix:" White Phoenix, our destiny is in the north from here, it is about 30000 to 40000 kilometers away from here. how fast will it take for you?"

The phoenix replied:" In less than a minute can we be there, but I can move slower if you want."

Haytam replied directly:" Make it for an hour, i want that Alice see the surroundings. It's her first time travelling so far away, so she should see the landscape."

The phoenix started rapidly to move and in the next moment was she gone.

The people who saw the phoenix appearing and than disappearing so fast were shocked, they never saw something like this before. Some people thought that the beast wanted to attack the city and were desperate and thought that this their end was.

Other people, like the Seven Fists Sect become greedy about that beast. They knew that this beast appeared in the mansion of the mayor, so they thought that he had tamed that beast and wanted to snitch it away from him.

One of the older disciples of the Seven Fists Sect said to the group of disciples:" Haha, it seems like the mayor has something good for us. We will wait till they return, then we will take this beast away. It will be the perfect gift for the sect leader. Maybe we can be promoted to the inner sect and left the shitty outer sect."
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The whole group began to laugh like maniacs.

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    《The All You Want System》