The All You Want System
43 Chapter 43
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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43 Chapter 43

After an hour Alice and Haytam reached Saint City.

Saint City was a religious city, they believed in the Light God and their holy book was the Light Bible. They city was very modern, Haytam and Alice could see a lot of cars and other mode of transport, like cycles. The city infrastructure was circa the same as in a modern city in earth, with a lot of skyscraper and curious architectures.

Haytam was impressed that this city looked like a city in 21 century and Bay City looked like a city in the middle age. Both cities couldn't be compared, they were two different worlds. Haytam couldn't either believe that this two cities were in the same planet.

The people here had very similar clothes to the earth and they had smartphones and a lot of other gadgets. Haytam even thought that the technology here was at least years forward as in the earth.

The people were more forward in everything as in the people in the earth.
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Alice couldn't believe that such magical instruments and buildings were possible. She had heard from stories from her father, that the big cities were very different than their city, but she thought that they were maybe bigger and had more people. She was really shocked from the first view of this place.

Haytam saw her face and laughed, than he said:" Hey Alice, do you like this place?"

Alice nodded a lot and replied: " Yes, this place ist magical. Did you see these very long buildings? They are enorm, I want to go to the top of one of them."

Haytam smiled and replied:" Ok, if you want than we will go to one of them."

Alice hugged Haytam as he agreed to her wish, than she hold his hand and dragged Haytam to the city center. Haytam could only follow her, he could understood that the first time seeing this place can be very exciting.

Both went to the city center and both could see that everyone were looking at them, at first they couldn't understood why everyone looked at them strangely. But Haytam used his improved ear to hear what the people were saying about them, then he saw a couple that after looked at them said:" Look at these poor people, I bet they are from these small villages and they want to find here an opportunity." " We don't have to bet, of course they are from these villages. I don't know what they think, when they come her, they will be thrown out in a short time by the police."

Haytam expected to hear something like this, the people here would give a lot of importance about what the people wear. Then he said to Alice:" Alice, we have to buy new clothes. The people are looking at us strangely because of that, the people here very selfish so we have to adapt to this city."

Alice nodded and followed Haytam.

Haytam didn't knew where he should buy new clothes, so he followed were the most people went and where the people were walking back with bags. After walking for a while they reached a street

with a lot of boutiques, the boutiques looked like high class boutiques. The street was very long and a lot of high class people were walking there. But it wasn't like in the earth, some people had guards and servants with them and they walked in a formation. They even had a magic carriage for the bags.

Haytam couldn't understood why one person had 10 guards and 5 servants following him to protect him and serve him when he shopped. He thought they were exaggerating, but the he saw that an another group approached to the other group and began to attack them.

Haytam didn't understood what happend, but the people around reacted like it was something very normal and ignored the battle between the two groups. So he asked one of the passersby.

The passerby replied:" The two young masters of the Lo and Dong clan have a dispute about a girl, so every time they see each other a fight will begin." The passerby didn't wanted to explain more and went fast.

Haytam understood what the matter was, but it was like a joke for him. He was now sure that cultivator had their brains damaged and that the technology here was really created by normal people.

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    《The All You Want System》