The All You Want System
44 Chapter 44
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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44 Chapter 44

Alice and Haytam went to a store as they were finished watching the fight of the young masters. They had better to do, than watching a fight of two rich young masters, for example buy new clothes that suits to the city here.

Alice saw a store that looked very extravagant, it seems to be a famous and expensive brand. She was not sure to go there, because she hadn't to much money with her. Haytam noticed where she looked and her insecurity in her eyes. So he said: " Alice, let's go to the store there. It looks nice, maybe we can find something for us there."

Alice smiled as she heard that Haytam wanted to go there, then she hadn't the courage to say it. She didn't wanted that Haytam paid for her, she wanted only to enter the store and look the clothes there and then buy what she wanted in an another store.

Then both went to the store and entered it, it was very luxurious from the inner. The design was very good for a store. The store was empty, there were only two or three customers and three workers.

As they went in, the customers and workers looked at them very arrogantly, like they were dragons and Alice and Haytam were ants. They didn't tried to occult the arrogant expression, they even showed it more. Than a worker walked to them and said:" This place isn't for poor people, you can't afford anything here."

Haytam who expected such reaction from the worker smiled and replied:" Who said that I am poor, maybe you are poor. And I think that this isn't the right behavior of a worker to a costumer."

The female worker get angry as Haytam talked to her with more arrogance than she to him.Then she replied:" Do you know how much the clothes costs here, even if your seven predecessors gather all the money they had, they wouldn't be able to buy a single piece of clothes here."

Haytam was now a bit mad, he didn't like it when someone insults their family. So he said to the female worker:" Go bring the manager or I will destroy the whole store right now." Haytam let a strong aura and made the female worker scared, then she was only a Xiantian level cultivator.

She went rapidly and brought an another woman, the woman was very pretty and sexy. She was a dream for every man that liked mature woman, but not what Haytam liked.

Then the mature woman said:" Hello dear costumer, I am the manager here and my name is Celine."

Haytam didn't even salute back and only said:" I was insulted by this worker of yours. What should her punishment be?"

The manager didn't expect that this man in front of her didn't even look at her figure and directly mentioned the female worker. Of course she thought it only and replied to Haytam: " I am sorry for her behavior, can we forget this matter? I can give you a discount in your Shoppings. "

Haytam wasn't interested in the discount, that the manger mentioned, he wanted that this worker being punished. Then he said:" Do I look like someone who needs discounts? "

The female worker who get the courage from the manager shouted:" Yes, did you see what you wear. Only people from the poor cities of the continent wear clothes like this."

Haytam couldn't hold anymore and slapped her face and said:" Nobody talked with you, shut up!"

The female worker who only felt pain in her face and fainted, didn't heard what Haytam said.

The manger was surprised that Haytam could react like this, she thought that maybe he had a strong background and that he was in a journey and needed now new clothes.

The manager didn't wanted to offend nobody, then she couldn't support it. So she said:" I am sorry, this worker will be expelled right now. It wouldn't happen the next time."
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Haytam was satisfied now, he thought that this manager was smart and she knew how to react in such situations. So he smiled and said: " I want clothes for her and for me, give us the whole collection you have."

The manager nodded and went with the other workers to collect the best clothes they had.

After both finished with trying the clothes, they wear both the best of them and took the rest in his dimensional space.

At the cash box the manager was herself and said:" All the clothes costs 12302 gold coins."

Haytam didn't even looked at the price and let a coins bag.

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    《The All You Want System》