The All You Want System
45 Chapter 45
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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45 Chapter 45

After they bought the clothes they needed to look normal in this city, they went to the auction house. The auction was planned to start in less than an hour, so they had to hurry and find a place to seat, because a lot of people from other cities came to this auction.

The auction of today was the biggest of the year, the best materials to buy in the market would appear today. The auction was the most important of all the other auctions too, because it was sponsored by the Miraculous Pavillion. That means the security and quality were guaranteed by them. That gives more security to the buyers.

Alice and Haytam reached the auction house very fast, it was a very gigantic building in the center of the city. Everyone would see the building from far away, it was the most spectacular building too, with more than 10 floors and as bigger than 4 football places.

They saw a lot of people buying tickets from a window and they went there too. This time they were noticed by a lot of people too, but this time they look them with respect and dignity. That was so because they had one of the most expensive brands clothes on.

In the window the male worker said:" Which ticket to you want?"

Haytam didn't expect the question and asked:" Which tickets are available?"

The male worker replied:" There is ticket for the normal items auction, high quality auction and the VIP auction. The prices are different too."

Haytam thought and came to the decision to go to the VIP auction, because there would be the best materials for the sword he wanted to forge. So he said:" 2 tickets for the VIP auction, please."

The male worker looked up for the first time and saw Haytam more clearly. He wanted to be sure that what he heard was right. Than he saw a young man with very expensive clothes brand and was sure that he didn't heard wrong. So he said:" It's 4000 gold coins for both, if you want the money back after the auction, because you didn't buy anything, than it's not possible."

Haytam nodded and paid the amount of money, then the worker gave him an strange gadget in form of an egg. He didn't knew for what it was useful, but the worker explained it: This device allows you to enter the VIP auction and if you buy something it will be a secret, because the egg hide your identity after you go in."

Haytam liked this device and understood why this auction house was the favourite of all cultivators, they work hard to satisfy their customers.
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Haytam thanked the worker and went in and then a worker who looks like a servant came to them and said:"Welcome to our auction house, I was designed by the manager to serve you during you instance here. Thank you of choosing the VIP auction, we hope that you will be satisfied here."

Haytam and Alice wee this time more surprised about the service here. This service was complete with all they needed and even with a personal servant.

Then Alice replied this time: " Take good care of us, this is our first time here." Alice was a little shy with persons she didn't knew and very direct to persons she hated, like Haytam at the first time they meets. But for the first time she replied before Haytam replied, she wanted to show her presence and not be only on the side of Haytam.

The servant nodded and took the to an other sector of the building and then they saw an barrier of QI. The servant said then: "Take the devices in your hands and go in the barrier. It can cause a little of headache, bit that's normal."

Then she went at first and Alice and Haytam followed here through the barrier.

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    《The All You Want System》