The All You Want System
46 Chapter 46
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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46 Chapter 46

As Alice and Haytam entered the VIP sector, both were surprised to see that they saw people but not their faces. It was like a mist around them, that didn't allowed any one to recognize the other. Then they saw each other and they could see each other, but the servant rapidly explained why:" Both of you and me have an connection, that allows us to see each other and the others not."

Alice and Haytam liked the idea of the auction house and nodded with confirmation.

The servant said:" Follow me to your private room, there is where you see and buy products."

Then they went to a the room 33 and entered the room. The room had all what you needed, a bar, food, sit places and a big window to see the auction. There was a control remote to buy too, it has only one button and every time the user use it means automatically that the price gets higher. It was more safer, but the exciting part of yelling the price is gone.

Then she said:" The auction begins in 15 minutes, the person in the stage will say the begins price and how much you can increase the price every time. So good luck and if you need something use the red button in the wall there." Then she signal an red button in the wall beside the bar. After that she went out.

Alice and Haytam were now alone in the room, then Haytam said to Alice:" If you like something, than say it to me."
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Alice replied quickly:" No, it's enough that you buyer me the clothes. I don't want to be a cheap woman that wants a man that pay for her the whole time."

Haytam didn't expect this answer and replied:" Don't worry, I really don't care for money. For me it's much better to see you happy."

Alice got red and looked down, she couldn't reply Haytam, she was too shy to speak with him after he said that.

Haytam smiled only and went to get something to drink, but no alkohol because he didn't like it. He believed that it bring only problems to drink and more since he saw his friends on earth, being completely drunk and he didn't wanted to be in such situation and it was embarrassing enough to be with uncle Jacob while he was drunk. So he found some water and juice after searching for a time in the bar, because there was 90% alkohol and than a little bit of water and juice.

He took two glasses of juice and sat in the sofa with Alice. She thanked him for the juice and then they waited for the auction.

Then when the time comes a beautiful woman went up the stage and begun to speak, at this time all the buyers were in their own rooms and everyone was concentrated with the woman in the stage.

The woman said:" Welcome in our yearly auction, this year we have a lot of material and items that are interesting for all of you.

So, we hope you find what you want. Let's begin now!"

The people were exited too, even if they were the strongest and richest man in the continent.

Then the man let the box in special table and went down the stage.

The woman said again:" This is our first material, it's something that was very special in the years before, but now we have a supplier that has enough for all of you. We couldn't let this item out in this auction. IT'S the Liquid QI!!"

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    《The All You Want System》