The All You Want System
49 Chapter 49
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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49 Chapter 49

At the end of the auction the woman thanked the visitors and went back to the backstage. The visitors began to go and soon were all the rooms empty and the auction house closed.

Haytam and Alice wanted to go to the city, but in the entrance were a lot of soldiers in white silver armors inspecting and searching for someone, they were concentrated at the persons coming out from the VIP section.

Haytam saw their sign in the breast and knew that they are disciples of the Saint Church and that they were searching for him, because he bought the Thrillium and ignored the disciple of the sect leader. Than he saw a couple of soldiers coming on his direction. One of them said:" Stop there!!"

Haytam asked politely:" Why? Did I do something wrong?"

The soldiers reached them and one of them said:" We know that you were in the VIP auction, we have to ask you something and you have to give us answers?"

Haytam get mad and grabbed them by the neck, both could't breath because of Haytam and they couldn't use any power. Haytam was already an 3rd layer QI Condensation level and they were only in the 1st layer QI Condensation level, but Haytam was much more stronger as a cultivator in the same level. Haytam was angry and said:" I don't have to do nothing, your master was arrogant enough to made me mad and now you came here and want me to answer your question."

The soldiers were very afraid from Haytam and one of the soldiers said trembling:" Do you know who we are, you can't kill us. If you let us go, we could forgive you...AGh" Haytam squeezed their neck harder and both were out of air.

Then he said:" Do you think that a mere soldier can kill me? "

Both had red faces and moved like fishes outside the water, as a young man came and shouted:" What are you doing with them, do you want to die?"

Other youths shouted too:" Do you know where they are, this is Saint city of the Saint Church, you are a dead man, if you don't let them go."
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Haytam laughed and replied:" Hahaha, if you are able to kill me, than try it."

The leader of the group was surprised of how calmed Haytam was, all the people he knew were afraid as they heard the name of the Saint Church, so he thought that maybe he had a strong background. Also after a moment he said:" I'm Leonardo Gapici an internal disciple of the church, can you let both go and we can speak about the misunderstand between us."

Haytam replied with a wry smile:" They attacked me at first and I had to defend myself. If I let them go, than who can defend my rights."

Leonardo replied:" If you don't let them go, than I have to kill you and you will have a very bad end. You can't go against the Church, we are the second strongest sect in the continent. You haven't a place to escape."

Haytam began to laugh and said:" I don't care." Than he let the phoenix out and mounted her.

All the people around saw the magnificent phoenix and were shocked, that such a beast did exist. All were afraid and could feel the pressure, that they never felt before and was the strongest they felt ever.

Leonard, who was last year in a conference of the sects leaders of the whole world, didn't felt even the half of the pressure he felt today and now. This pressure he felt was enough to kill somebody, but what he didn't knew, was that this pressure was only the aura that the phoenix let out to scary the people here and was only 1 % percent of her aura.

Leonardo asked with a trembling voice:" Do you think you can do what you want with a strong beast, our sect leader is stronger and he can beat you to pulp. You will see when he come here."

Haytam replied and saw him like seeing a mentally retarded person:" Are you stupid or what. Do you think that I will wait for the enemy, even if I know that I can beat him with the beast, it's not the right time to do it. Ciao!" And then he flew away with Alice.

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    《The All You Want System》