The All You Want System
50 Chapter 50
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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50 Chapter 50

On the way Haytam and Alice were in a good mood, they talked and smiled on the phoenix. Today they had a lot of fun and they had a date. What was missing was a meal together, but they hadn't the chance to go eating something because of the disciples of the saint church.

Haytam was sure now, that this world had modern technology and he saw it himself. He wanted to help Bay City to become like Saint City. He loved the modern environment and he wanted to live in it too.

But in the next moment he became a notification from the system. The system said:= Master, I found a cave in the near of this place. It has a special barrier, that I can't see through and I found out that there is an energy that is similar to the one, that I was created from. You have to go there now.=

Haytam was shocked, that the system was unable to see through something. He knew the system was almighty and it could provide him with infinite power, but now the system he trusted so much was telling him this. Haytam replied:" Are you sure? This is unbelievable coming from you."

The system confirmed again:=Yes master, it surprised me too. But you have to go there, it doesn't matter what.=

Haytam sighed and replied:" Ok, give the direction directly to the phoenix and we fly there."

Haytam was kind excited to go there, this is a mystery we have to solve. He wanted to find out which was the energy, that was strong enough to avoid the "eyes" of the system. Maybe he could find something, like a treasure or something like that.

Haytam was fantasizing already about what he could find.
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The phoenix stopped suddenly and turned to the west and flew to that direction. Alice noticed it too ans asked Haytam:" Haytam, where are we going? This isn't the right direction."

Haytam replied:" I sensed a special energy coming from that direction and I want know what it is."

Alice nodded with an understanding expression and said:" Ok, if it's something, that you sensed and you think it's special, than we can do there."

Haytam loved the character of Alice, because she understood his character and she knew what he wanted.

The phoenix was much faster that before, but as they reached the near of a giant mountain, the phoenix stopped suddenly. It was like she couldn't fly anymore in the near of the mountain. She said to Haytam:" Master, I can't fly anymore. This place has an defense formation, that I can't surpass."

After he heard what the phoenix said, Haytam wasn't too much surprised. Then if the system couldn't even see through this formation, than of course it was strong. Haytam let the phoenix back and said to Alice:" She can't fly from this point on, also we have to walk."

Alice nodded and agreed to him, she was in the Xiantian level, also walking wasn't a problem.

They walked directly to the mountain, but the surroundings changed a little bit. The trees were now bigger and the light couldn't pass through. Then from the outside of the formation it didn't looked like this, there weren't so much trees to see. Haytam didn't matter this situation and thought, that this was a protection maneuver of the formation to protect what this place hide.

The forest became only dense more and more and then Alice saw something and said:" Hey look there, I think it's a corpse ."

Haytam replied:" What? Are you sure?"

Alice confirmed:" Yes, come with me. It's there, behind the tree there."

Haytam" Yes, I see it too. It's looks like he died from an attack of a beast. Look this is a bite of a beast, it seems like he was attacked from the back. He is since at least 2 years dead, the flesh is completely rooted. "

Haytam now a little bit nervous, but he continued walking to the mountain, after he didn't find anything that had something to do with the secret here. He hadn't anything with him, his body was empty from any item.

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    《The All You Want System》