The All You Want System
51 Chapter 51
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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51 Chapter 51

Alice and Haytam walked trough the forest deeper, they were now more careful since they found the corpse. They found after a while more corpse and they all died at the same way. All of them were killed from the back and the items were stolen, but as deeper they walked through the forest as less corpse they found and they had more items than necessary.

Haytam stopped and went to a corpse, that was hidden behind a rock, and looked what he had.

Then he said: " I am sure, that the corpse at the beginning were stolen by the cultivators corpse who reached the deeper part of the forest. Look!! He has different manuals, that can't be practiced together. This Fire Fist manual can't be practiced with the Wave Fists manual, it's clearly that they were stolen by them."

Alice replied:" You have right, but look there. " She signaled to the right hand of the cultivator and continued: " He had an spatial ring and a big one. Why should he walk with the manuals in his hands, instead of putting them inside the ring?"

Haytam looked at what she signaled and what she said and he was confused. She had right, if he had found the manuals he would put it in the spatial ring and not carry the all the way along. this was very confusing, it was like someone wanted to attrakt the cultivators to the manuals. Haytam decided to ask the system he could not see through this situation:" System, can you verify if something is wrong with the manuals."

The system replied:" Yes master"

Haytam continued looking more carefully at the manuals and used his spiritual senses. But what he could found was a weak trace of QI.

The the system talked again:" Master, don't open the manuals. The manuals have a spell that detects, if someone open them. The spell is a beast ability and it's not human, the beast is at least in the Core Formation."

The beasts had and ability which is haired from generation to generation, it was their ability that they used the whole life. A beast could only use the abilities inherited, then they can't learn manuals and use them. There are exceptions, like the beasts in the Immortal Ascension level, they can create their own abilities and give it to their descendants.

Haytam directly let the manuals fall to the ground and advised Alice too, if they were really in need to read the manuals, then they would be attacked by a Core Formation beast. Haytam wasn't worried, because he had three Immortal Ascension Level beasts, but if he can avoid stress, then he welcome it greatly. The most important was to know why the system couldn't see through the barrier around the cave.

Both continued walking, but now they were really careful, then the beast that killed all the cultivators here was a very smart beast. So every step they made was good planned and they tried as much as possible to not came in contact with corpse, it could be a trap like before.

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They were now walking sine 2 hours and Alice was hungry:" Haytam, let's make a break. I am really hungry and my legs are making me uncomfortable. "

Haytam sighed and replied:" Ok"

Alice asked than:" Do you have anything to eat or something to seat on. The ground here is very cold."

Haytam thought for a moment and an idea came to his mind. He was since a lot of time not more in the space of the pearl. The last time he only ordered the system to make the time flow faster. Then he remembered the mistake he did, then he didn't needed then anymore to develop the city with him and he forgot to cancel the order he did. That means that it had passed 3 years in the pearl.

Haytam started to sweat and was nervous, also he said to the system:" Make that the time in the pearl flow normally again. And give me the status of the children in the pearl."

Haytam was nervous , because the children had a monster talent and they had 3 years of cultivation. That means only trouble, because they could have reached the Immortal Ascension level. With so many strong children, the worlds balance would be destroyed. Haytam was now really worried about his wrong decisions, he had to think about how to handle this situations.

In this moment Haytam`s mind wanted to explode, the system said to him to explore the cave. But he created a really big problem with the children. This was the biggest dilemma he had and he didn't knew what to do.

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    《The All You Want System》