The All You Want System
52 Chapter 52
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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52 Chapter 52

Haytam decided after he thought for a while to continue exploring the forest and going to the cave, the children in the cave could wait, then they couldn't go out even if they want to. But Alice was still hungry, so he asked the system for food.

The system rapidly gave him two prepared Ramen bowls. The Ramen was an original Japanese style Ramen and they were fresh prepared.

Alice looked curiously the Ramen bowls, they looked so strange and they looked so delicious, that she wanted to eat them immediately. But she didn't care about the hot bowl and burned her tongue, as she wanted to eat the Ramen.

Haytam had to laugh, he loved her cute side. Her reaction after she burned her tongue was really cute and she said:" Why didn't you tell me, that this food was hot."

Haytam replied:" Hä, didn't you see the hot steam coming from the food. You want to blame me only." .Alice lowered the head and became red, she didn't replied and continued eating.

After they finished eating, both continued walking to the cave. It wasn't so much till the cave, Haytam was sure about reaching the cave in one hour. The way became really difficult to walk and more beasts appeared too. The beast looked strange, they were not like he knew from the library he had in the brain.

The beast bodies had all strange veins, a lot of veins were to seen in their body. The veins were black with white point, it looked like the milk way in night sky. Haytam decided to kill a wolf and see what exactly happend to their bodies.

At first he took Alice in the top of tree to stay safe. Then he attracted the attention of the wolf to him, he was intrigued to know about the strange mutation. He made the wolf mad and waited till the wolf attacked him and as this trick worked and the wolf attacked him, he contra attacked the wolf immediately with pure power.

Haytam had a big problem when it't about martial techniques, he didn't knew anyone of these techniques. He was a bit lazy to learn and practice them, because he had so many that he couldn't choose one or two to learn. Also he used the whole time only his fists covered with QI to attack and kill.

The wolf died directly from the fist of Haytam and it wasn't a big problem to deal with. The wolf was stronger than a normal one, but the gap wasn't to big.
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Haytam analyzed the veins at first and he came to the result, that they were meridians and not veins. These meridians were only above the surface of the fell and they were connected to the core of the beast. The strange thing was that beasts didn't have any meridians and in this case it was the contrary.

He find out that the meridians were like an extra QI provider of the beast and it could only cultivate the strange milk way QI, but he wasn't sure and he thought that maybe this energy was the one, that the system couldn't surpass.

Haytam helped Alice down and explained her what he did exactly, it wasn't a secret or something like that and she saw him from the tree too. He was a little worried about her security in this forest, she wasn't strong enough to save her life and he couldn't guarantee to be the whole time with her. Then in such a place the security of oneself can be in danger every time.

Haytam was walking normally as the system said:" Master, I analyzed the QI in the wolfs special meridians and I found something very big. This matter can't be taken lightly and has something to do with my creation. This was the reason why I couldn't see through the barrier around the cave too and I can't see through it now even if I analyzed the QI."

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    《The All You Want System》