The All You Want System
53 Chapter 53
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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53 Chapter 53

Haytam listened very seriously the system, he was a bit surprised about this matter. Even the system sounded very serious, so he was more interested.

The system continued saying:= This QI is the void QI. As you know I was created from the nothing and that means that I was created from a type of the void QI. It seems that this place is protected with a formation made by void QI, this is why I wasn't able to see through the barrier made with void QI. And this place is unique too, because it's gathering a impure void in this forest.

This QI is very weak and the only place where is strong is in the cave. The void QI used here is a defensive one and even if I was made by all types of void QI, I'm still unable to surpass it. The person who made this barrier should be a monster, stronger than you can imagine.=

Haytam was shocked, he knew that his system was made from the nothing, but he didn't knew that the nothing was the void QI. He wanted to ask the system about the void QI:" What do you mean with type of void QI and how can you be created by this QI?"

The system replied:" The void QI is the purest QI in all the spaces of all the universes. It has an infinite types of void QI, the void means only that it can't be more pure than the void, because there is nothing more than the void. For example the defensive void Qi in the cave can be a very pure barrier made by the purest wind QI used for defense, but it can be the earth QI or lightning QI. That is why there is infinite void QI types, because from every element or something else there is many types. Every use of an element in their purest form can be a type of void Qi. It sounds complicated, but the void has this meaning.=

Haytam was now confused, he didn't understood the half of what the system said. So he asked:" If I use the fire element in a punch in the purest form, than a type of void QI will be created?"

The system answered:= It's basically that.=

Haytam didn't continued asking and thought that it was enough to have the system.

But he asked the system for a armor:" I need an armor for Alice, the things here are getting more dangerous and she needs some kind of protection."

The system replied directly:" Ok, but I think an armor is too much. Here is a defensive necklace, it can protect her for 1 year of all the attacks, but after a year it become useless."
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Than a collar appeared in Haytam`s hand and it looked like a normal pretty gold necklace for younger girls. Then he stopped Alice and said:" This necklace is for you, it will protect you from everything." Then he hung the necklace in her neck.

Alice became red like a tomato, she lowered her head and said with a low voice:" Thank you, but I have you with me. With you I feel always safe."

Haytam felt an hero sentiment, like the protagonists in a romance film and his chest looked for a moment like the chest of superman.

After he hung the necklace they continued walking to the cave and it wasn't so far now. The way was more complicated, but it didn't matter. And after walking for an hour they reached the mountain were the cave was. The problem now was to climb the mountain to the top where the cave was.

He couldn't fly in this space, because of the formation in this forest, so he couldn't use the white phoenix. But he had the black dragon, the dragon is for sure able to climb a 10000 meters mountain.

Haytam did never summon the black dragon and he didn't knew which form of dragon it was, Haytam was hopping to have a dragon who had claws to climb and not a flying dragon.

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    《The All You Want System》