The All You Want System
54 Chapter 54
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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54 Chapter 54

BOOM! The earth shook a bit as the dragon appeared, the dragon was gigantic and heavy. The Black dragon was gigantic and for a moment the few sunlight couldn't reach them because of the dragon.

The dragon was pure abyss black ton, even the eyes and claws were black. The dragon had wings, but he a perfect body to move on earth.

The firsts thought of Haytam was:" YEES! It's an all terrain dragon." Haytam was more concerned about if he could use the dragon to climb the mountain, then that was his main mission now.

Alice who saw a dragon appearing in front of her without warning, was a little scared. The dragon was terrifying and not everyone was so fearless like Haytam. She shouted directly:" Haytam, It's a dragon. Let's escape before he notice us." Then she took Haytam`s arm and begun pull him back.

Haytam looked her fear expression and tried to calm her down, but she didn't wanted to stop and pulled him more. Till he said:" Alice, calm down. This is my second bloodline, It is my Black dragon. You don't have to fear about anything."

Alice stopped suddenly and looked at Haytam like seeing a monster, she knew that he had a phoenix bloodline, now he had a second one and it's a dragon. She had never asked wich abilities he had or where he had them, because she knew that this issue is delicate. But now she was shocked and a bit curious about his abilities .

After she calmed down, she said:" The next time when you summon or do something extraordinarily, like this than try to warn me before. Maybe it's normal for you, but for others what you do is everything but normal."

Haytam laughed and nodded, he knew that she had right. He then promised to her to warn her every time.

The Black Dragon was the whole time there and saw the conversation of the couple in front of him, he couldn't keep hearing this conversation and said:" Hey, are you my new master?"

The dragon sounded bad ass, he spook like if he was the boss, instead of Haytam. He was the contrary of the white phoenix, wich was polite and kind. He sound really like a macho and he was obligated to call Haytam as master.

Haytam looked at the dragon and replied:" Yes, I am your master. Do you have any problem with it?"

Haytam faced the dragon directly.

The dragon replied than:" No, but I don't like you. You don't deserve me as your bloodline beast. You are only at the QI Condensation level and I am in the Immortal Ascension level, in this little universe I count as a god."

The dragon said directly with arrogance all his thoughts about Haytam.

Haytam smiled and replied:" I don't care, you are MY beast and you have to catch my orders, eve if you don't like it."

The dragon growled loud and was angry, because Haytam had right. He wasn't in the position to do what he want, he was connected for life with Haytam and he wasn't able to separate from him.

Then Haytam said:" Give up, it's better to serve me. With me you can go further in the future, you can become stronger too. If you think the Immortal Ascension is the end of cultivation, than you are wrong. And I am a kind person, if you serve me I would give you more power than you can imagine."

The dragon was silent, but then he said:" I will serve you, but only because I am obligated. Don't think that I do all this voluntary." The dragon didn't sounded arrogant anymore, but there was a little air of noblesse.
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Haytam sighed and didn't replied anymore, then he said:" Prepare yourself, you have to climb this mountain now to the cave in the top."

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    《The All You Want System》