The All You Want System
57 Chapter 57
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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57 Chapter 57

Haytam appeared suddenly in a underground tunnel, it was dark and he couldn't see anything. He looked around to find something about where he was, but he didn't found anything. He remembered that the system told about a test in the third layer of the barrier, he wasn't sure what this was and what he should do.

But then a light appeared from the end of the tunnel and a voice sounds:" Welcome! You are the first one that could pass through the barrier with the permission of the barrier. That means one thing: you can be the hair of my legacy, but at first I have to prove your knowledge."

Then the space around Haytam changed to a normal classroom from the underground tunnel. Now the room was brighter than the underground tunnel and it saw more comfortable.

The voice sounds again:" Every table has an exam about the most important art of science, if you can prove that you are able to write them all, than you can be the hair.

The exams are limited with only the knowledge of this minor dimension, also there is only tasks with the knowledge, that is used here."

Haytam was curious about what he meant with `low dimension`, but then the sound said:" You have only two hours for this ten exams, if you take more than two hours, then you die."

Haytam rapidly went to the first table and sat in the chair. The first test was about mathematics, it was very difficult for everyone, but Haytam hadn't any problem to complete it without any mistakes.

He completed the test in ten minutes.

Haytam went directly to the second test, this time the test was about literature. Haytam didn't knew what literature had to do with a powerful legacy, but he completed it in a short time too.

Haytam continued writing exams in the following themes: Medicine, Geographie, Animals, Spirit beasts, Herbs, QI Elements and Alchemy.

The last four tests about Spirit beasts, Herbs, QI Elements and Alchemy were more difficult than the others. He completed the first sex exams in a half hour, but for the last four he needed one and half hour. The four exams were like the continuation of the exam before and the fusion of both themes.

For example a task im the herbs exam was:" Which from the next herbs are consumed by which spirit beast to grow faster?" or in the alchemy exam:" Is it possible to refine the blood of a Wind QI element beast with the sun grass to create a pill, that makes the Fire QI stronger?"

But Haytam finished with a good feeling and was sure, that he will pass all the exams.

Directly when he stood up from the last table, the space changed again and he was back in the underground tunnel.
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The voice sounds again and said:" I am impressed about your brain. I didn't expect that a little cultivator from this low dimension could respond all the tasks correctly in a short time. You are allowed to enter the space of the legacy of the Alchemy God!"

Haytam disappeared again and this time he appeared in vast place with a little house in the middle.

The voice said:" In the house is the legacy of the Alchemy God, you can learn all what you want, but you have only one day time. I hope you can learn all what you can to continue the legacy of the Alchemy God." The voice disappeared then and it didn't sound more.

Haytam walked into the house, but the house was empty,there was only a notice.

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    《The All You Want System》