The All You Want System
58 Chapter 58
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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58 Chapter 58

Haytam took the notice and began to read:

" Welcome my heir,

Congratulations to be here, you are the hair of my legacy.

In my time, I was the strongest man of all realms, but my disciples betrayed me and I was hurt.

I had to flee to this low realm and hide my legacy, before they killed me. After I established this place I died and I left only this letter. I hope you can use my legacy wisely, then this trial proved the talent and wisdom of a cultivator and only the worth one can reach this house.

My legacy is in this house, I know you can't see it, but take a look in the walls and you will find it.
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If you want to thank me, than kill my disciples and seek revenge for me.

Don't trust everyone, then the people in your near are the most dangerous. I was dumb and trusted my beloved disciples, but at the end they killed me for my knowledge. I had luck to escape here and don't be found by them.

I hope this trial didn't choose the wrong one."

After Haytam read the letter, he was sad, he had even tears. To be betrayed by the own disciples was more sad than anything else.

Haytam had the dream to rise a disciple and he wanted to be like a second father, but what this Alchemy God lived was very heartless from his disciples.

Haytam wanted to show this Alchemy God some respect and bowed for him.

Haytam wiped away the tears and went to the north wall and looked there, but he didn't saw anything special. He had to look more closely, until he saw little words written in the walls. The words were very small and a normal person wouldn't even see them.

The words formed sentences and the sentences formed texts. The texts were in the majority about alchemy, herbs and beasts, but there were texts about cultivation methods and martial arts.

Haytam was very concentrated to learn the texts, but then he remembered the system. He can let the system scan this walls and he can learn them all.

So he said to the system:" System, scan this room and all the knowledge here, then use them to upgrade the knowledge in your system, then this are information that you don't have, and enter this knowledge in my brain."

The system replied:" Yes master"

Haytam opened the system window and saw the progress of the scan, it was kind slowly. Haytam thought it was because the system had to analyze the texts meticulously.

Haytam waited for one hour for the system till it was finished. The system said:" Master, this information are more complicated as I thought, so it took me one hour to scan them all. But I learned a lot of new things and I can do more things."

Haytam was curious what the system meant, so he said quickly:" Tell what you can do new now."

The system replied:" Sorry master, but if I tell you it wouldn't be good for you. I can work like I did before, but what the new functions are not compatible with this low realm. "

Haytam was shocked that the system didn't told, this was the first time. He didn't knew exactly the changes of the system, but the form of speaking of the system changed to a very human voice and it didn't sounds mechanic anymore. Haytam had a question more and he asked the system:" Ok, but when will I be able to know?"

The system replied:" When you reach the Immortal Ascension realm and ascend to the upper dimension of gods, then you will be qualified. But you will get the alchemy legacy now, because it was fixed by the Alchemy God."

Haytam was relived about getting something of the legacy.

Than he went out and looked around, he had more than a day time till the space thrown him away.

He hoped to find something else in this space.

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    《The All You Want System》