The All You Want System
59 Chapter 59
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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59 Chapter 59

Haytam went for a walk around the house, he didn't saw anything else than the house. He was in a meadow that stretched until he saw no more, it looked like there is no end of this meadow.

Haytam walked and walked without a direction, he didn't knew how much he walked already, but he didn't wanted to stop.

Haytam was sure, that this place hided something else than the house, but he didn't knew what. His intuition worked this time to the maximal and he followed it. The meadow had still no end, but the house was gone, he couldn't see it anymore.

After a few hours walking, Haytam saw something. It was an another house, but this time a straw house. This house looked old and forgotten, like it wasn't groomed as good as the other house. Haytam jumped of happiness, then the other house gave him a lot of new knowledge, maybe here he could find something new.

He ran to the straw house and wanted to enter, but a barrier throw him back. Haytam who was now in the ground looked the house with weird eyes, the other house let him without resistance in, but this straw house didn't let him enter. Haytam`s expectation about the inner of this straw house grown and he wanted now definitely find out what there was.

Haytam stood up and walked around the house to find something about how to enter the house, but there wasn't anything special to find. The barrier appeared only if you touched it and it hadn't a mechanism to open it like the barrier in the outside.
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Haytam walked more than ten times around the house, till he found the only stone he saw in this place. When he saw it the first time, he thought it was a normal stone, but then he realized that this was the only stone he saw until now. It looked like a very normal stone and wasn't too big or too small and the grass hided it a bit.

Haytam neared to the stone and touched it, but nothing happend as expected. Haytam was sure that this stone was the key, but he didn't knew how it worked. He tried a quarter hour and still nothing happend. He tried with blood or pure power, but nothing worked.

But then he tried introducing only his pure QI and in this moment the stone began to shine. The stone cracked and the barrier disappeared, the stone was the core of this barrier and could only being removed by using pure QI, then he used other elements before to destroy the rock, but no one of them worked.

Now he could enter the house and he excited too. He walked to the entrance and entered the straw house. The house was empty like the other one, but this had a glass sphere. The glass sphere had to fused colors: orange and green, Haytam took it and he felt a big pressure coming from the sphere.

And then something incredible happend, the sphere began to enter Haytam`s body. when Haytam was inspecting the sphere, the sphere began to levitate and entere his chest. Haytam felt instantly his chest burning and repairing itself, then his whole body began to fell the same. He couldn't support all the pain, but he thanked God that the comfortable feeling was there and repaired his body. Haytam was in this circle of burning and repairing for more than 3 hours till it ended.

After that, Haytam felt like a new person. His body, who was pure and perfect, reached a new realm. His senses were now more stronger than before, even the system couldn't reform his body like this sphere. His meridians were now orange and green and his pure QI turned to a destroying QI mixed with live QI. Haytam felt like he could create and destroy what he want.

And one more thing appeared too, but this was a message from the Alchemy God and it was:" Your body was reformed by my fused QI of wood QI and fire Qi. I created this short before I died and it's a weak form of the Creating QI and Destroying QI, I studied for millenniums to fusion this two types of QI. I wanted to reach the highest form of this QI, but I was killed by my disciples because of this fused QI. I hope you can fusion the highest form of this two types of QI, then these are the top of the top and is far stronger than the void QI. Good luck my heir."

Haytam listened and knew that this was the real legacy of this Alchemy God and was very happy to follow his intuition.

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    《The All You Want System》