The All You Want System
60 Chapter 60
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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60 Chapter 60

This was the first time he got something strong, because of his efforts and not from the system. He knew, that he could get everything he wanted from the system, if he wanted it. But it would be boring to became all he wanted in few minutes. He had a long live and he had to spent it with ambitions and a happy life.

he knew that other people in his situations would wish to became a god and finish, they would have all the palaces, servants and women they want, but for what. Haytam was sure that after a short time. they will be bored ad they couldn't life a life with joy. They wouldn't have persons by their sides to trust, because they are only by his side because the benefits they get from a god.

That is the reason why Haytam took the way to the pinnacle slowly, he wanted a solid base for his strength.

Haytam began to check his body closely, he took a mirror out and looked at it. He found out, that his hair had now green and orange lines, it looked good thought Haytam:" This hair is very attractive, I think i can attract more girls by my side.... shit! Haytam you have already Alice, you can't have an another women...but in this place polygamy is normal, maybe i van have a second wife, hi hi hi"

Haytams thoughts went to a complete another directions, as he began to be narcissistic about his look. Haytam hadn't a problem to love more than a woman, but he sat a limitation of four women. Because he wanted to treat them equal, if he had more than a wife and that isn't easy. Also he decided to have maximal four wives, in order to have everything under control and he thought that the persons who had dozens of wives and concubines were crazy, because he thought that this was a mission impossible to control your family, like a husband and father.

After Haytam fantasize, he continued checking his body. Secondly his eyes changed the colors to: red in the right eye and green in the left eye. it looked good, but it could be better thought Haytam.

Third he got taller, he was now 1,90 meters. And at least a yin-yang symbol appeared in his right arm, the only thing different from a normal symbol was that the colors changed to orange and green.

Haytam thought about the symbol and began to fantasize about the meaning of the symbol, he thought:" The alchemy God said, that this fusion was the easiest form of the fusion of destruction and creation QI. Maybe this symbol appears if someone fused two contrary type of QI to the perfection and the colors change if you continue continue fusing higher types of contrary QI"

Haytam let his brain work to the maximal and thought about all the possibilities of the appearance of the yin yang tattoo, but he let this matter open.
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Haytam wanted to go as he felt that his clothes were wet because of the sweat, also he changed the clothes rapidly and began to walk back to the direction he came. He didn't knew were the exit was, also he walked aimless. He walked, walked and walked, but he didn't found anything. He couldn't stay more time in this space, also he said to the system:" system, bring me out from this place."

The system replied:" Yes master."

Then a black hole appeared and sucked Haytam to the inner and in the next moment he was out. He stood again in front of the barrier, but it looked weaker than before even if it still worked.

Haytam didn't wanted that anyone could find this place, so he came to the decision to destroy it. He said the system to destroy this place, because he wasn't able to destroy such a powerful formation.

"System, make this place disappear for ever or make it impossible for others to find it."

The system decided:" We have to let this place here, i will make the preparation to make impossible for others to find this place."

And without knowing, the most dangerous place in this place was born. In the future when the people speak about this place, the will call it: The forest without returning.

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    《The All You Want System》