The All You Want System
61 Chapter 61
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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61 Chapter 61

Haytam left the forest happy and satisfied with this trip, he earned a lot and he could left this place with smile.

Haytam decided to enter the pearl and visit the kids and see how they are doing and Alice was there too and he had to bring her back. Haytam entered the pearl with a thought and in a moment he was in the pearl. The mini village created by the system looked still the same and it was like nothing changed in the three years in here. Haytam was pleased to see that the kids lived in the best conditions, even if he didn't care about them.

Right after Haytam appeared in the space a group of people came in his direction. Haytam could only recognize Alice, the others looked at the same age as him, what he thought it was impossible.
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In this place the time flew faster, but it passed only three years, the kids couldn't grow so fast.

But before he could continue thinking, he was hugged by a young man.

The young man saw like Sam, the first child he took from the streets. He looked now handsome and healthy and he saw so old like Haytam. Sam hugged Haytam till he couldn't breathe and had a red face.

Then Sam said:" Big brother, we thought you had forget us. How can you go and let us alone here? But no problem, we missed you." Sam was crying already, as he finished talking. He even hugged Haytam stronger.

Haytam replied smiling with pain:" Sorry, I had a lots of things to do. And the time outside flew much slower and I will from now on come more times."

Sam said:" What you said is now carved on stone, if you don't come more times, then we will make your time here harder. But now let's go, the others want to see you too."

Haytam went to the group of young people with Sam and he felt a little guilty about not coming often. He should had came more often, but he was more concentrated in other things than caring about the people he wanted to take care.

All of them wanted to talk with him and tell what they did in the past three years and what they done. Everyone was excited to see Haytam, then without his help they would be dead, slaves or working to death. They were very grateful to him and very loyal, they weren't mad about Haytam, because he wasn't in this space since he brought them here. The most important thing for them was that he was here and with them.

After talking and laughing with each other, they went to eat dinner together, because it was night at the moment. They sat all together in a long table and ate exquisit dishes made by the system. Haytam sat at the beginning of the table and on his right sat Alice and in the left side sat Sam.

After dinner Haytam went with Sam for walk and talked about their strength:" Sam, in wich realm are you now?"

Sam replied:" We all reached the Immortal Ascension realm, we are really fast cultivating. At the beginning we didn't understood what it meant to cultivate 500 times faster than others, but as we learned more from the history in class, we understood that what we were monsters cultivating compared to the people outside."

Haytam looked ashamed and said:" I know what you mean, even I restricted my cultivation in order to live a normal live. But why do you look like this, you should be maximal ten years old?"

Sam laughed and said:" When you reach the Golden Core realm, than you can change your body as you want and the intelligence and wisdom of a cultivator grow too, that means that our cultivation level gave us the intelligence and wisdom of a very old person, even if we are only between 8 and 10 years old."

Haytam could only nod, then he realized that this kids were smarter and wiser than he.

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    《The All You Want System》