The All You Want System
63 Chapter 63
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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63 Chapter 63

The leader of the group named Christoph looked at the young man with bad mood, he didn't expect that the beast could disappear in the air and that he couldn't catch the beast right now. But then he smiled with crazy expression and said:" HAHA, don't worry about this. If they can make the beast disappear then they can make him appear too. And I don't think that our dear mayor want to go against the sect."

The others said:

1. " You are right, then you are an inner disciple of the sect."

2. "If we gift this beast to the sect leader, we will all became inner disciples and Christopher a main disciple ."

1. " HAHA"

Christopher:" We can use this matter to change the mayor, my uncle asks me the whole time when the sect will change the mayor."

2. "Absolutely, it's very strange that the sect leader let this mayor for so long. According to the history of Bay City the average years of a mayor in the power was no more than 10 years, but the mayor Jacob was for more than 15 years in the power."

Christopher nodded and said:" Yes, it's time for a change."

Then all of the group laughed loud like a group of crazy bastards."

Back to the mansion. Haytam and Alice were now in the mansion and waited for Jacob, he was still working as a mayor. They waited and waited till he came in the evening, in these time they ate, played and Alice slept too for a short time, then she was very tired from this trip.

As Jacob entered the mansion and saw Haytam and Alice in the living room, was he a little surprised to see them so soon. He knew that they would be traveling to Saint City and he knew that Haytam had a way to travel much faster than a normal person, but this was much faster as expected.
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Than he said:" Welcome back, were you not to fast returning?"

Jacob had a warmth smile and looked at Alice and Haytam.

Alice replied:" What do you mean dad? Did you not miss me?"

Jacob laughed and replied:" Of course I missed you, but I thought it will took much longer to return."

At that time Alice stood up and hugged her father, this was the first time, that she didn't saw him for days and she missed him really.

Jacob continued as she hugged him:" You are my little girl and I will miss you even when I am working and you are at home."

Haytam saw this emotional situation and thought about his parents. He missed them too and not only his parents here moreover his parents on earth too. For now he decided to bring them here soon, he knew that they were at a good situation thanks to the smartphones he gave them. He talked with them every time he could and checked their situation.

Haytam decided to make a trip to his home world to bring his family and best friend Fabien here right after destroying the Seven Fists Sect.

Than Jacob asked:" And what did you in Saint City."

Alice answered:" As we reached the city we had to change our clothes, so we went to a store....Bla....Bla....Blaaa.."

Alice told every single situation she experienced in this trip, she even told about the pearl spatial space and the kids.

Jacob heard his daughter with a smile and didn't disrupt her.

Back to the disciples of the Seven Fists.

They were in the same place as before, but this time they were preparing their selves to go to the mayor's mansion to snatch the beast. They didn't even made a plan or something, they took only their weapons for emergency, because they thought that the mayor will give them the beast if they say, that it was a gift for the sect leader.

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    《The All You Want System》