The All You Want System
64 Chapter 64
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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64 Chapter 64

Christopher and his band were on their way to the mayors mansion to claim the White Phoenix.

Their arrogance and self security was marked on their faces, it was like they were the owner of the city. Every normal citizen in the street stepped to the side to let Christopher and his band walk in the middle of the street, then if somebody was in the way of them, he or she would lose the head.

The disciples and members of the Seven Fists Sect were infamous and were hated by every citizen of Bay City, it didn't matter who, they were all the same. They robbed, raped and hit the citizen without reason, they did all this in the name of the right way. They thought that every single act of them was normal, because they were cultivators and they thought they could do what they want.

As they reached the mayors mansion, Jacob and Alice and Haytam were in the living room. A servant came to Jacob and said:" Master, some disciples of the Seven Fists Sect are here to speak with you. I think they want to make troubles from their expressions."

Jacob nodded and said:"Alright, bring them to the guest room."

Then he turned to Haytam and Alice and said:2 " Stay here, I will be back soon."

Alice replied:" Ok dad."

Haytam replied:" I will go with you. I want to see what are they made from."

Jacob nodded only and stood up and walked to the guest room, Haytam walked after him and followed him.

Christopher and his band were already waiting in the guest room, they looked impatience like if someone let his boss waiting for him. As they saw Jacob, Christopher said:" Dear mayor, you are so old that you came so slowly, we had to wait a long time for you."

Jacob didn't replied and went to the main chair in the guest room and sat at first. Then he looked at them and replied:" I am not so young like, but you are more impatience than a 5 years child."

Christophers expression tensed and replied:" You know that as a cultivator the time is gold and as our older you have to know it."

Jacob replied:" The archives about your behavior tells something else. Come to the point and say what your Sect want from me." Jacob couldn't tolerate the acts of the Seven Fists Sect and he was now in the 1st level Foundation Establishment realm and was only a little level from the Sect leader and with his beast he could beat he crap out of him, so he didn't matter about this fresh disciples of the Seven Fists Sect.

Christopher shut up and then he said:" We saw a bird beast, that was tamed by your daughter or the young man behind you. We want this beast for our sect leader as a gift."

This time Jacob didn't said anything, but Haytam replied this time:" This is my beast and I will nit give it you." Haytam was a annoyed by these people, they came without shame to take his beast away.

Christopher replied:" Who are you to speak with me. And I will say it only once: Give me the beast, it will better for you or we will take it without asking you and maybe you can see your ancestors today." Christopher laughed about Haytam, he thought he had a low cultivation because of his age, so he could make him feel fear.

But what Christopher didn't expected was to made Haytam angry, as he threatened him with the dead. Haytam smiled like a psycho and said:" You dared to threat me with the dead, I will show you today what dead is."

Christopher wanted to say:" What can a weakkk...Ahh"

Haytam disappeared from his place and in the next moment a head was in the ground, it was the head of the band, Haytam separated the head and the body with only his hands. Then he walked to the wall and took the decorative sword.

Christopher who saw his band member without a head, he was panicking. He never expected that the weak young man was so strong, then he said:" Do you know who we are? If you dare to kill us, the sect wouldn't let you go."
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Haytam replied:" It's every time the same shit coming from your mouths, instead of claiming for your life, you prefer to threat more. I can only say: You are all idiots."

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    《The All You Want System》