The All You Want System
65 Chapter 65
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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65 Chapter 65

Christopher pissed his pants because of the fear caused by Haytam, he never felt such pressure from somebody like Haytam. He hated himself coming here to the beast cave, he thought:" Why am I here? I am really the biggest idiot ever and now I threat him more and made him more angry."

Haytam looked at the rest of the group and then at the sword in his hand, it was a decorative sword but it was a real sword. He let his QI flow in the sword to made it stronger and then he said:" Today is the day you say goodbye to this world, if you see your ancestors than say hello from my part."

Haytam instantly sliced the sword to the group and began to kill them one by one until only Christopher was alive. Haytam asked him:" Do you have anything to say before I kill you?"

Christopher who already loosed all the hopes he had could only fall on the knee and said with broken voice:" Kill me fast, but don't think that the sect would let you go."

Haytam replied:" I think you mean that I would't let the sect go. The sect is very weak compared to me. I will tell you something, the beast you wanted is already in the Immortal Ascension realm." then he laughed in his face.

Christopher raised his head as he heard that the beast was in the immortal Ascension realm, he was horrified and thought that all hopes for a revenge were vanished and nothing or anybody can go against this young man in this world. As he wanted to say that what Haytam said was impossible, his head was separated from his body. the last thing he saw was his chest.

Christopher died without knowing how, because he dared to threat Haytam.

Jacob who sat in his chair and drank his tea, was very satisfied with Haytam. Haytam proved that he was a good and kind person, but for his enemies was he relentless. Jacob liked Haytam very and remembered him as he was young, he was like Haytam, but as he grown up he had to control himself and let the Seven Fists Sect do what they want. He wanted to fight against them at the beginning, but he knew that he would give them only his live without reaching nothing, also he became the mayor and restricted them in the underground. But now he was strong enough to give this city the freedom it deserved.
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Haytam turned to Jacob and said ´:" I did a lot of mess, sorry. It will be difficult to remove the blood from the ground and walls, but it was necessary."

Jacob replied:" It's nothing, this situations are common so we have the solution too. You did a good work boy, I hope you don't change in the future."

Haytam smiled only and didn't replied, he didn't know how. He killed this persons in front of him, but he said 'good work'. This wasn't normal on earth, so he didn't knew what to do in such situation, so he was relaxed as he heard from Jacob that he had the solution.

Then Jacob said:" I will send this corpse anonymously to the Seven Fists Sect, we don't want to wake suspect about us now. I planned from the beginning on, if they were killed by me or by you than the sect could not find anything about us. And in the outside nobody will say anything to the sect, because they all want to destroy the sect too."

Haytam nodded and said:" ok, but send a letter with the corpse too."

Jacob asked:" What should be written in the letter?"

Haytam replied with a cold voice:" Your destiny is fixed, you are the next."

Jacob saw Haytam surprised, this sentence was good and perfect. It would made the disciples nervous and made them anxious and combined with headless corpse it's perfect.

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    《The All You Want System》