The All You Want System
66 Chapter 66
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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66 Chapter 66

The next days passed peacefully for Haytam, only the citizen of the city were terrified by the Seven Fists Sect. The sect sent an older with some disciples to investigate the assassination of the disciples.

As the sect found the headless corpse, they were really angry. The whole sect was shocked about this, then never before happened something like that. Nobody dared to kill a disciple of their sect, of he wasn't from a bigger sect or someone really strong, that the sect leader couldn't defeat.

But this time it was without a warning, the corpse with the letter appeared from the nothing and nobody saw something. Even the older were a little worried, then they didn't knew with who they had to deal with.

As the sect leader read the letter, he was so angry that he booked some furniture. He directly shouted:" Who dares to kill the disciples of my sect in my land? Send someone to search for the killer and bring him alive, I will make sure that he wish to be dead."

This days Haytam was planning how to forge the sword. He searched in his mind for the best method to forge sword, it was called:' Five Star Forging manual ' . This forging manual was very special, because it had five steps to complete the forging. Every step was difficult and had to be done with the highest precision possible.

Haytam didn't designed how the sword should look like, because by the high level swords, the sword take it own form and design. As higher the quality of the materials as better would be the form and design, and this aspects can only be affected by the own QI of the craftsman.

He didn't needed a oven for the forge, because he only needed spiritual fire to forge, and he had the best one. That meant he could forge in any place he wants.

Today was the big day to forge the sword, he reunited all the things he wanted. He was in the forging room, he could do here all the things he wanted. This room was prepared for everything, for example to forge a sword, a pill or to print a book, it was the biggest room in the mansion too.

Haytam had the Thrillium, some titanium, and parts of the three divine beasts. He had a feather from the phoenix, a scale of the dragon and blood from the turtle. The parts of the beasts were shining and glowing even if they were separated from the main body, this explains how strong the beasts are. Haytam took the manual and began to follow the steps he had to do.
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At first he had to purify the metals to the maximal grade of purity. Also he tool the Thrillium and the titanium one in each hand and ignited them with his spiritual fire.

The metals began to glow directly and a black liquid came out from both metals, this liquid was the 'dirt' in the metals. The original metals were as big as a big gold ingot, but after the purification they were only two thirds of the original size. The metals were now as beautiful as gold after this step.

The second step was originally to purify the rest of the materials, but the rest were already pure because of the origin. So he jumped this step.

At third he should combine the metals together and fusion them in one metal. For Haytam was this easy and he did it in a short time. Short time meant in forging time so to say two hours, but that was already very difficult for others who used this forging method.

Than the next step was to fusion all materials without giving them a form, he had to melt all the materials in one and let them combine with each other slowly without a break for two days. That meant Haytam had to control the melted liquid for 48 hours to not explode, for the most craftsman was this step only possible if they had spirit stones to recharge the QI, but Haytam activated the automatic cultivation.

At last but the most important was to let the sword form a form. This step was the longest one an the most important, it could take months to do this. Haytam concentrated his whole QI and will in the liquid, he had to close his eyes in this step, because if he saw wich form the sword would take was forbidden in this step.

On this way began the melted liquid to take form and the time passed. The first week passed, the second and third week passed too, in the fourth week was no signal of an end and finally in the fifth week a explosion was heard in the whole city.

"! BOOOM!"

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    《The All You Want System》