The All You Want System
67 Chapter 67
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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67 Chapter 67

The citizen got shocked by. he loud sound coming from the city center. All the people stopped what they were doing and looked in direction of the city center, nobody knew what happened and the normal people were scared.

The cultivators sensed a fluctuation of QI from the city center. They sensed how the whole QI in the around flew rapidly to the city center. All the cultivators felt the same and that was that something big was there.

But nobody of them thought to go there, because nobody in a weak realm can produce such fluctuations.

But for the disciples of the Seven Fists Sect was this very interesting, so all of them ran to the direction of the fluctuation. As more they neared the city center as more QI density were. With them was the sect older too, they were originally to find the killer of the disciples, but he thought that this opportunity was to big to let it go.

Back in the mansion of Haytam was Haytam contemplating the new sword in his hands. He was wondered from this sword so much, that he couldn't see at nothing other. The sword was so magnificent and beautiful, but it looked dangerous and sharp too.

The sword was mainly black with some silver and green lines through the sword. The blade emitted a dangerous aura, but a kind aura too, it was perfectly synchronized with the two kinds of auras. It was like his dual QI, it were two contrary auras fused and synchronized in one blade.

Haytam understood why the sword had to be formed without seeing it, the sword had to take the best form for you and not you choosing the form of the sword. Haytam loved his new sword, he swinged the blade and a QI arc came out.

The sword was by it owns strong and if he combined it with his power and a sword technique, then he will be unstoppable.

But as soon as he wanted to practice more with the sword, the problems came to his door. The sects older and disciples followed the fluctuation and found out that it was coming from the neighbor of the mayor.

They knew that Haytam loved there, but they didn't give him importance and ignored him. They thought he was a rich kid that his parents sent to stay here for self study or something like this.

But now the fluctuation came from there and they didn't knew why and how. They hopped to find a treasure here, that they could snatch away.

Haytam went with the sword to the door and opened it, and as he saw that they were the people he most hated in this place and they came literally to do problems here, his mood changes for bad. He asked:" What do you want here?" Haytam speaked very unrespectful to them.
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The disciples around the elder got angry, as they saw that Haytam didn't respected their else, so one of the shouted:" Don't you know who we are? And how do you dare to speak like this to our elder, nobody in this city dares to talk to us like this."

Haytam directly replied :" This is my house and I will speak in the way I want. And who said that nobody dares to talk to you like this, look at me I am one of them."

The elder smiled with a vicious look and said:" Dear young man, forget what this little kids said. I am Kron an elder of the Seven Fists Sect and we are investigating from where the fluctuation came from. We found out that it comes from here."

Haytam looked at him and replied:" I just created a new sword and this produced the fluctuation. You don't have to investigate anymore."

The older looked suspicion at Haytam and said:" If it was a sword, than give us it. It looks like it is very dangerous for the city this sword." The elder began the nonsense speak about the sword was dangerous, but what he wanted was to get the sword.

Of course Haytam knew the intention of Kron and was wondering how shameless this man was. Haytam was fed up and replied:" I wanted to give your sect more time, but it looks like I have to handle with you today. You shouldn't have came to took something away from me."

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    《The All You Want System》