The All You Want System
69 Chapter 69
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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69 Chapter 69

In the sect the elder Kron was informing about what happend in Haytams mansion.

" Sect leader and elders, 11 of or disciples were killed by a young man in the city and he declared war to us. He is really strong and he has a very strong sword, he even killed our only one disciple in the QI Condensation realm with only a swing."

The sect leader named Lenard, heard what elder Kron said and replied:" How is this possible? Who is the young man and from which clan is he? How did he dare to declare war to our sect?"

Elder Kron, who was till shocked, replied:" We don't have any information about him, he appeared in Bay City a few months ago and bought a property in the middle of the city. He also have a close relation to the mayor and the Miraculous Pavilion. We didn't found anything more about him, only his name: Haytam Ranger"

The sect leader looked thoughtfully and replied:" I think he is the one who killed our disciples before too, He is the only who could dare to face my sect like this."

Then an elder said:" Let's kill this bastard right now, he killed my nephew and I have to seek revenge for him. He is still a young, he couldn't have a high cultivation."

Another elder said:" If we don't kill him right now, the other sects will laugh at our face."

The sect leader looked at the elders and didn't knew if to laugh or to cry, then he said:" Are you idiots or what? If he dared to declare war to us, then it means that he have a form to annihilate us. I think he has a back to count with. Prepare the defense formation and the disciples. The core disciples should be protected doesn't matter how and the others can be used as flesh defense."

The elders tried to persuade to the contrary, but the sect leader was firm.

What they didn't knew is that Haytam reached the Foundation establishment and was as strong as the sect leader. The little difference of the 1st rank and 3rd rank wasn't something that applied for Haytam and he could face even Core Formation ream cultivators.

As the elders left the sect leaders palace, they heard a cry for help from the entrance of the sect. Immediately they felt something horrible, like the death god was coming to them. The first thought they had was to escape, but they were the sect elders and they were in the peak of the QI Condensation realm, they couldn't left the disciples alone, even if they wanted.

The elders ran as fast as they could to the entrance to see what happend, altogether they were 7 elders and each one had a important function in the sect. As they reached the entrance, they saw a bloodbath, headless corpse and disciples running in all directions. In the middle of all that chaos was a single young man, that hold a black sword in the hand. The elders directly surrounded Haytam and said:" Your massacre came to the end, let the sword fall and surrender to us."

Haytam looked at them smiled and said:" You have great imagination, if you think that I will do that."

The oldest elder said:" Why do you want to destroy our sect?" This elder wanted to know why this happend, he couldn't imagine that this strong man want to destroy the sect without a reason.

Haytam replied:" You are the first one from this sect who asked me in a good ton, the others were all arrogant to me without reason. Because of that I will tell you before I kill you all. At first I wanted only to have the property of Bay City to develop it like I want, but your disciples tried twice to take something from me, if I let it go then my dignity will be hurt."

The elders were surprised by the answer, some of them thought they had killed his family and he wanted revenge, but this reason was to idiotic for them.

Then one of them said:" If you want to kill us, then I will kill you at first."
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Then he attacked Haytam, but Haytam only sighed before he swing the sword to his neck and let him headless. Then Haytam said:" Give up, you are nothing against me, as more as you try to kill as more you will feel pain before you die."

The elders were totally shocked, the dead elder had no chance against his.

But then two elders attacked together and shout:" If one can't deal with you, two will do it."

But at the end Haytam killed them too without effort.

The rest of elders felt that their knee became weak and felt on the ground.

The oldest elder said:" As my last demand, please don't kill the disciples, they are not guilty of what happend."

Haytam respond:" But your disciples were too much arrogant, they were the responsible for this. But don't worry I will let some of the live. Now die!"

Haytam finished the elders with the Hundred Swords in One technique and chopped them to death.

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    《The All You Want System》