The All You Want System
71 Chapter 71
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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71 Chapter 71

All the teachers turned to the voice and saw a young man standing next to the entrance, then they felt cold sweat in their backs. They knew that the person who attacked them was very young, so as they saw this young man here they felt nervous.

Haytam continued:" I thought that talking behind somebody wasn't good and you are teachers you should know it."

Haytam walked further to the group of teachers slowly and made them fell more fear from him.

The fat woman couldn't hold anymore and shouted: " What do you want from us?! Go away monster!"

Haytam ignored her and walked directly to the fat woman, then he took her by the neck and said:" For a cultivator, you are very heavy. But no problem, I will burn your fat today away."

The fat teacher began to move like a fish outside the water trying to escape, but without success.

Then Haytam used his pure fire QI to burn her to death.

The other teachers saw how their co-teacher was burned to death, she didn't seemed to try to escape. The fire devoured her, until only ashes were left behind.

Haytam nodded and a said:" This fire is really good and I got a part of her QI too, at the end she even helped me improving my QI."

Then he asked the system in his mind why.

The system replied:" Your body purified all the impurities, under that the QI too. As she died the QI was absorbed by you, because the automatic cultivation is still activated."

Haytam understood what happend and then continued the teachers matter. He felt that this teacher were the cause of the badness of the school.
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Only from what he heard was that they showed ho to discriminate, how to beat normal people and a lot more. This people couldn't be forgiven, they need to be exterminated. Then they were the cause of the disease and they had to pay for it. They even wanted to escape before he came and they didn't wanted to stay for their students. But they even knew that it was their fault.

Haytam saw the group of teachers there and asked:" Who want to be the next, or do you want to die as a group."

The teachers looked each other and then one of them said:" If we attack you together, you will die for sure." The teachers gathered their QI together very fast and everyone began to shout a technique name, Haytam couldn't understood nothing because it was a group of more than 50 teachers.

The teachers desperate wanted to give a last try to save their lives, so they thought that they will die anyways, if they made it difficult for Haytam than better.

QI attacks began to reach Haytam slowly, but effectively. Haytam could avoid the first attacks, but then he reached his limit too. A few attacks hit him and he felt pain for the first time caused by an enemy. He did his best and continued defending from the 50 attacks , until all the teachers stopped attacking.

They thought that Haytam was defeated by them, because he looked severely injured and was bleeding, but it was a mistake from their part.

Haytam feeling pain on his whole body, exploded with all his fury and let his whole QI to burn the whole hall with all the teachers. The fire who appeared from Haytams body was really malicious and burned everything to ashes, the fire didn't let anything. The teachers seeing this fire again tried to escape, but the fir was was faster and stronger. At the end nobody survived the fire and all of them were turned to ashes.

Haytam sighed with pain and said:" I wanted to give you a quick death without pain, like the elders, but now you know what burning alive means."

Then he thought :" Let see what the life QI can do."

Haytam used the life QI in his own body and something magical happend. All the wounds were cured in a short time and it was like he never had these wounds at first. Only his broken clothes were there to testify the truth.

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    《The All You Want System》